Remedy Invoking the Night Sky to Resolve Problems

If troubled by any kind of domestic, financial, enemy, health, education, marriage, job, business or any other kind of problem or worry, you can try the remedy, which has been given in this post.  This particular remedy, which was given to me by a learned and spiritually developed person, involves invoking the night sky to sort out and resolve your worries and problems.

There is no kind of Mantra Sadhana, Puja-Vidhi or any other kind of worship involved while practicing this remedy, in fact, it is so simple that even a child can practice the remedy for resolving any kind of problem.

The remedy to invoke the sky – Here, by the sky, I mean, the Universal Being or God or whatever name you call him by. If by any chance you wake up from bed during the period 3 am to 5 am, at night, go to that place in your house, from where you can see the night sky, even a partial view will be sufficient.

Face the Western Direction and fold your palms together, as if asking for something, like how a child pleads for something from its mother and look at the night sky and ask it to resolve the problem or worry that is troubling you. Remember, that the prayer should come sincerely, with feelings and emotions.  There is nothing further to do, you can go back to bed or do anything else.

Note- Don’t put an alarm and wake up, you can practice the remedy only if you wake up by chance during the period mentioned above.

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  1. Should I pray to maa. Durga while looking towards the sky or simply has to say my prayer while looking towards the sky.

    1. Yes, you can pray to Durga Maa or any deity you wish to.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Can we do multiple times or ask to resolve multiple problems in one time?


    1. You can do it once and pray that all your problems be resolved.

    2. sir y u r mentioning to not 2 wake by having alaram,is that it will not be effective ,,,,am asking becoz i want to practice but as am taking treatment i should have sleeping pills along with other tablet ,from those words i dont know what to do to resolve my other problems ,shall i do by using alaram

    3. This remedy is best practiced if you wake up naturally around the time mentioned in the article,

  3. Sir if my waking time is only between 3-5am then can I practice it every day? It will be very simple for me then..

  4. Sir,
    Can a woman perform this remedy during her monthly cycle.

    1. Yes, the remedy can be practiced during the periods.


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