Vashikaran Tilak Totke for Sunday

Some Vashikaran Totke, those, which do not depend upon a Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra, are believed to be more potent and powerful if performed on a particular day of the week. In this post, are included two such secret Vashikaran Tilak experiment which are said to be more effective and have more chances of success if performed on Sundays.

A Portion of the root of the Bargad tree [Banyan tree] has to be rubbed on a rubbing board along with a few drops of water to prepare a paste. A little bit of wood ash has to be mixed with the Banyan root paste to prepare the Tilak Mixture. The Vashikaran Tantra says that applying this mixture on the forehead as a Tilak will put a most powerful enchantment spell on everyone and everyone will become attracted towards the practitioner.

The root, leaves, flowers and fruit of the Garuga Pinnata [Kharpat] known in Sanskrit as Karnikarha tree,  have to be grounded to a paste along with a little bit of Kapur[Camphor], a few strands of Kesar[Saffron] and small portion of Gorochana[animal part, known as Cow Stone/Bile found in some cattle species like cows and oxen] to prepare a Mixture. The Tantra says that if this Mixture is applied on the forehead as a Tilak a man will be able to put a most powerful spell of enchantment upon the women he loves.

Another Vashikaran Totka to attract a desired man or woman is given in this post – Here. There are more such Tokte for Sunday, which I will post at a future date as I am still studying them in detail.

Caution- the Garuga Pinnata  is a medicinal tree, yet its parts can adversely affect the health of some people, hence this Vashikaran experiment is not suitable for everyone.

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  1. Sir, is it one time prayog or do i have to do it daily or every sunday?


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