Paranormal Tantra to Walk Tirelessly

A few years back, I had written about a rare and unique Mantra, which had to be practiced along with a specific Tantra, which enabled the practitioner to walk tirelessly for a long period of time, without feeling any kind of fatigue or pain.  Such Paranormal Tantras were very much in practice during the middle ages when walking was the most common mode of transport for the masses.

In this post, I have written about another Tantra for the same purpose, the only difference being that this one does not require any kind of Mantra to be mastered and only practicing the remedy is said to be sufficient.

The remedy to walk without for a long time without getting tired- Three black colored Teetar Birds have to be trapped. A Teetar is a broad term for the birds belonging to the Partridge species. These three birds have to be kept hungry for three days and on the fourth day, a small amount of Para [Mercury] has to be inserted inside their beaks. After these, they have to be fed with Kheer [an Indian pudding prepared from sweetened milk].

Then the droppings of the Black Partridges have to be preserved. These dropping have to be kept inside the mouth like a Ghutika [a small medicinal pill].

It is said that the pill enables the practitioner to walk tirelessly with any kind of pain or fatigue during the course of that particular day. The Mantra remedy for the same task posted earlier can be seen - Here.

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