Auspicious Inauspicious Plots in Vastu Shastra

The rules prescribed in Vastu Shastra for possessing a home free from Vastu Dosha can never be implemented with 100% accuracy, there is always bound to be some or the other Vastu Dosha present in any dwelling or commercial place. This should be ignored and the owner of the Vastu should never let it play on his mind.  In the tough competitive times of the present age, owning a house is considered good fortune and minor Vastu defects do not matter.

A good but simple Totka to know if a plot is free from Vastu defects is to sprinkle some Sarson Beej[Mustard Seeds] on the ground, if the within 3 to 5 days, you see tiny Mustard plants growing, then the Vastu is considered to be excellent.

A plot, which is bounded by roads on all sides, is hard to come by, such a plot of land is considered extremely auspicious according to Vastu Shastra and the house or building constructed on this plot is known in Vastu Shastra terms as Sarvamangala Bhuvan.

A Gomukhi [Shape of the face of a Cow] plot is considered to be most auspicious, a Vyaghra Mukhi [Tiger face shaped] plot is believed to be inauspicious. A plot which is narrow at the entrance and which become wider thereafter falls under the category Gomukhi and the plot which is wide at the entrance and goes on becoming narrow towards the end comes under the Vyaghra Mukhi category.  A Circular, Rectangular, Square, Longish plot is considered to be all right as per Vastu Shastra.

Hills and Mountains or Tall Buildings towards the South of the plot are said to be auspicious.

A plot, which is elevated on the Nairutya Disha [South-West Direction], and sloping towards the Ishanya Disha [North-East Direction] is said to be auspicious.

A plot on which animals like the Mongoose or Rabbit live is considered auspicious, whereas a plot frequented by Foxes and Jackals is said to be inauspicious.

Trees such as Bargad, Audumbar, Peepal and Beal are considered to be auspicious and Vastu Shastra says that they should not be destroyed as auspicious and protective entities are believed to frequent these trees.

If a School, a Garage for repairing Cars or Trucks or such similar buildings are located next to a plot, it can prevent peaceful vibrations from entering the plot.

A plot belonging to a woman without children, a plot which has been auctioned due to the bankruptcy of the owner or a plot sold due to unavoidable circumstances like death or money problems is considered to be inauspicious and Shanti Karma is prescribed for such plots.

If while digging the plot for laying the foundation of the house, bones, bricks or Shankh [Conch Shells] are found, then it is advisable to purify the plot according to certain Vastu Shuddhikaran rites.

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