Chakreshwari Yantra for Victory

This is a all purpose powerful Chakreshwari Mata Yantra for victory, removal and exorcism of ghosts and other malefic ghostly and demonic beings and also for removal of fever and sickness from known and unknown sources.  Chakreshwari Mata is an important deity in Jainism and has certain important Jain temples and a specific form of worship dedicated to her.

The Chakreshwari Yantra can be prepared on any auspicious Hindu Tithi or festival, however the night of Diwali is considered to be the most auspicious day for the making and wearing of this Yantra.

The Yantra, which is a Mantra of Chakreshwari Devi, should be written with a pointed Silver Pin or any other Silver writing instrument on a Bhojpatra with the paste of Yaksha Kardam. Yaksha Kardam as already pointed out in earlier posts, is a fragrance comprising of 12 individual substances like herbs, mineral, animal and tree parts.

Chakreshwari Devi Yantra for Victory, Health and Exorcism
Chakreshwari Yantra for Victory

After writing the Mantra on the Bhojpatra, the Yantra should be worshipped by offering it fresh scented flowers, incense and the lighting of a Diya of Pure Cow Ghee.

Finally, the Yantra should be folded and inserted in a Silver Locket and worn as a good luck charm on the right upper arm.

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