Paranormal Remedy for Barren Women

The immortality of the Atma [soul] and Birth, death and re-birth are a part of traditional Hindu culture and first written records can be found in the Vedas, including the Rig-Veda, the earliest of the Vedic compositions. The foundation of the paranormal remedy for a Barren woman to conceive and give birth, described in this post, solely rests on these beliefs.

The remedy is thus- When someone dies and his or her dead body is being taken to the Smashan Bhoomi, in a traditional Hindu funeral procession, the barren woman, seeking to conceive, should wait for the funeral procession at a street corner, the place where four roads meet. Before going to the street corner, the woman should have a full body bath and wear Yellow Colored Clothes.

When the funeral procession comes near the street corner, the woman should cross the cross the Arthi[ wooden makeshift bed made from bamboo sticks for carrying the dead body] from the west to the east direction, While crossing the Arthi, the woman should pray to the dead person to take re-birth as her child in its next life.

Along with this, it is also essential to remember the other strong principles of Hindu religion like Karma and Moksha. The dead person may have attained Moksha [permanent liberation from the cycle of life and death] or might have a different Karmic Cycle, based upon his Karma. In such cases the remedy will not work.

The same remedy can be tried, if so desired by barren women from other faiths, like Christianity and Islam, during the funeral processions of Christians or Muslims, as the procedure is the same.


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