Traditional Indian remedy to get pregnant

This is a rare traditional Indian remedy which is prescribed for those women who wish to get pregnant. This remedy is given here for information and educational purposes, and not to advocate the use of the same. To use the same please consult your doctor first.

This remedy involves the Milletia pinnata tree, also known as the Indian Beech tree. Practitioners of traditional Indian medicine prescribe the remedy given below.

A paste of the root of this tree is applied on a piece of wet clean cotton or muslin cloth. This cloth is then placed over the vagina of the woman who is unable to conceive.

The paste of the root of the Indian Bleach tree is said to have strong medicinal properties, this application of this paste over the vagina is said to eradicate diseases and infections related to the vagina and the uterus which hinder pregnancy . This treatment is also said to remove any kind of weakness of the vagina and the uterus.

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