Has the Indian Political System collapsed

The recent exposures of the multi Billion Dollar corruption scams and the utter helplessness of the Indian Political system to do anything about it ,brings up the next logical question – Has the Indian Political System collapsed?

The Lokpal Bill scam in Parliament and sleaze adopted by the government in stalling the Bill, through enslaved underlings like Lalu Prasad Yadav ;who it has under its thumb; courtesy the CBI; lends credence to the fact that governance has totally collapsed. The Chairman of the House, the Vice President of India, played his part to the hilt; the silent spectator.

Just the other day I was speaking to a senior Indian politician from Maharashtra.I asked him what next, he replied just as usual, wait for the heat to subside. This sums it all, the outcry over the scams, by the media, the endless debates, then the silence.

This is an alarming sign that the Indian public has got so used to the sleaze and looting that it considers it to be a part and parcel of life. To the intellectual, the anti corruption crusader who thought that the Indian public was finally opposing corruption, the pathetic response of Mumbai to Anna Hazare’s fast, should come as an eye-opener.

With the economy tailor made to cater for a handful and the parasite who feed on them, one can’t blame the public. Years and years of neglect have made 99% of the population feel like outsiders.

The frustration can be summed up the decision of Team Anna to cancel campaigning in the forthcoming assembly elections. I can blame them. They must be pulling their hair out in frustration. Who did they intend to campaign for anyway? And who did they intend to campaign against? Probably now they know that cutting across party lines they are dealing with birds of the same feather.

The assault on the people of India is two fold. The first one by the politicians with their Billions is well known. What has escaped the public eye is the second one, the one by the Indian Administrative Service, These morons have made a joke of governance by tying everything into red tape and protocol, in order to keep every other government servant under their heal. They have succeeded in making everything equal to something and finally ended up killing the lower Bureaucracy and all other government employees.

Right now as things stand we are heading towards a Goonda Raj; that is if we are not already under it. I have a strong feeling that something has to give way. I probably know what that something is. It’s the law of nature that when something collapses; something else rises.

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