Shani Yantra

This is the Yantra for Shani or Saturn; the most feared of the heavenly bodies in the cosmos. Shani is the dispenser of justice or Karma, what you sow, comes back to you in the same measure. Shani also ensures that you get back what you have lost, none can escape this divine justice.

This is a Yantra for astrological purposes.This particular Yantra it must be noted is a geometrical configuration of numbers which vibrates to the number 33.

शनि देव यंत्र

Saturn or Shani Yantra
Shani Yantra

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  1. Dear sir
    Could you please tell me what is the procedure for Shani Yantra, and how does is effect one's life.

  2. Sir please tell me where to keep this yantra and it is applicable to person to person or all?

    1. The Yantra can be kept in the pocket or purse. It is a general Shani Yantra for everyone.

  3. Dear respected Guruji
    I thank you so much for responding back to me.I need some more information from you.#1. Shani Yantra and Rahu Yantra do I need to make same color as you have it on your site or it could be any color. #2. I looked thru under health mantras and I was not able to find manta for allergies.Can you please help me in this matter.I will appreciate it so so much.
    Thank you

    1. For Shani Yantra use dark blue ink and for Rahu Yantra use dark brown ink.

      You can try this mantra, the water for binding the mantra can be kept in a small cup and held in the hand.

  4. respected sir,
    my husband is suffering from shani"s saresati from 2009...tell me some upays get out of it.

  5. Sir Can I draw this yantra in a white piece of paper and keep it in my dad"s wallet as he is suffering from severe back pain. when to drwa this yantra.
    Please help

  6. Sir, I kindly request you to guide me. I am unable to get bhojpatra and ashtagandha, where I live. Can I use copper sheet any alternate, to in-script with pomegranate wooden pen?

    1. Read the reply to one to the comments above, you can use white paper and blue ink.

    2. Sir thank you for your kind advise.
      I seek your permission and blessing to practice the technique you have mentioned.
      And as well, what about the other yantras used for various purpose. Can they also be prepared on plain white paper? and do they have any specific colour of ink.

    3. Each Yantra has its making procedure, which is explained in the concerned articles.

  7. Guruji thank you very much. I have read most of the procedure. Most of them are mentioned that yantra to be prepared on bojpatra with ashtagandha. I wish to know if there is an alternate to bojpatra and ashtagandha.
    Aswell I seek your permission and blesssinig to start.


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