Guru Yantra

This is a Yantra for Jupiter or Guru the largest of the nine planets in our solar system. Guru is said to be that planet in astrology who is the giver of fortune, luck, fame and wealth; amongst the numerous qualities which have been attributed to him. Guru is also symbolized as the imparter of knowledge; the teacher.

This is a Yantra which has been prescribed for Guru. This Yantra vibrates to the unique frequency of the number 27.This Yantra is normally worn on your person to bring in the beneficial effects of Guru.

गुरु देव यंत्र

Jupiter or Guru Yantra
Guru Yantra

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  1. Guruji!
    Would like to ask how to prepare this Yantra and when and how it should be worn?

    1. can i written it in piece of paper in red ink and then shall i keep it in pooja room or with me hw should it be worn and shal i do same procedure for other planetary yantra also

    2. You can try the procedure, and wear it around the neck in a locket; gold or silver

  2. it means ,can i simply write yantra on paper with red ink and put it in gold/silver locket and wear it with sing the mantra.

  3. Myself and my kid of 12 years both passing brihasoati mahadasha can both wear this guru yantra?

  4. Can my kid of age 12 years can wear this yantra?

    1. Yes, both of you can wear the Guru Yantra.


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