Vedic Prayog to Ward off Enemies

Respected Neelji, as you are aware that I have been obtaining your esteemed advice/ suggestions in case of many mantras, yantras and tantras published on your valuable site, today I am sharing with you an all important vedic prayog TO WARD OFF ENEMIES without hurting them. This is a very very powerful remedy and I have experienced the results myself.

On ANY Wednesday, bring home a leaf (or its part) of the Aloevera plant. Cut the leaf horizontally in the center with a washed knife. This is quite easy as the leaf of Aloevera is very thick; it is about 4 to 7 mm thick. By doing this, a large quantity of a specific kind of sticky transparent gum starts coming out.

Take a reasonable sized white paper (square or rectangle will do) and apply with your hands the GUM arranged as explained above in huge quantity at every nook and corner of the white paper. After that, place this white paper under the SUN for drying up. It will take some 10 minutes for it to dry up.

This done, write the name of enemy or enemies with any kind of red ink, like red ball pen etc, and place 11 black peppers on it. Then wrap the Aloevera gum coated paper containing 11 peppers in the same manner as is done by hakims or ayurveda doctors. Carry this wrapped paper with you to a tree, located in a distant spot and bury it near the trunk of that tree in a 6-7 inches deep pit. After burying the white paper, put a reasonable sized stone on it and DON'T look back and come back home.

Of course, the instrument/ implement to dig the pit has to be thrown away at the pit site itself. All the steps of this experiment, mentioned by me have to be performed after sunrise and before sunset.

The experiment has to be replicated for 5 Wednesdays in a row.

It can be performed normally once a year for same set of enemy or enemies and can be undertaken for as many times as one desires during his/ her lifetime.

This is a guest post written by Shri Rakesh Jain from Chandigarh.

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  1. Guruji,
    Mein ek ladki ko bahut piyar karta hun par wo mujhse hat waqt jhoot bolti hai Aur abh wo mujhse baat bhi nhi karti kyuki uska naya bf bana hai. Please koi aisa mantra dijiye jisse japa karnese woh mujhe love kare Aur jhoot na bole. Koi bhi working mantra mein naya practitioner ho. Thnk you

  2. Dear Neel Sir,

    First of all, thank you very much for sharing such an easy and helpful remedy, without hurting an enemy. I have only one doubt about it is, can we write multiple names of enemies on the same paper? or do we have to use different papers for different enemies?

    1. You can surely write as many names on single sheet but lesser the number in your list, you will experience more potency.

      Rakesh Jain

    2. Thank you so much sir...

  3. Do we need to dig and bury the paper 5 wednesdays at same tree?

  4. The tree should be different every Wednesday. I.e 5 trees should be used.

    Rakesh Jain

  5. If this would ward off our enemies, why should we do this experiment every year? Needs clarification.

  6. It should be taken in that perspective that enemy may change over a period of time. But in cases like court prosecution witnesses, as they are technically visible over years, hence to increase the very potency, it was suggested to perform the prayog once ( 5 Wednesdays) each year.

  7. Dear Mr. Nitin/ Mr Neelji,

    in the description mentioned go to that tree, is there any specific tree (like peepal, bhargad, margosa (neem) or any kind of tree will do.

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. Been, peepal, bargad have to be avoided. Any other tree will do

  9. Sir can u do it for different enemies on the same day on different papers

  10. Sir can this totka be performed on different ppl on different papers(the whole totka for each separately)on the same day?

    1. This post has been written by a guest blogger, in my opinion it can be done collectively for a set of connected enemies together. If the enemies have no connection between them then you should do the experiment separately for each set of enemies.


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