Remedy to End Extramarital Affair of Husband

The extramarital love affairs of a husband cause utmost pain and anguish to women, especially in conservative societies, which are predominant in countries like India.  Apart from the pain and hurt, woman experiences psychological problems, affecting her physical and mental health. A lot of women, those caught in the trap of love triangle seek my help and advice. In an earlier article, I had published three such unique Indian paranormal remedies to resolve this problem, that article can be seen – Here.

In this post, I have published another very interesting Totka, which is from the same Tantra and is free from any kind of Puja-Vidhi-Mantra- Tantra. The simple procedure is mentioned below. The remedy has to be performed on any Thursday.

The ingredients named below are needed for performing this remedy.
300 Grams Besan Ladoo [Indian Sweet prepared from Gram flour]
Three Balls of Wheat Dough [like the ones used to prepare Chapattis]
A small quantity of Soaked Black Chana [Whole Black Chickpeas have to be soaked in water for some time and then removed]

The woman whose husband is having an extramarital love affair should take all the ingredients named above and feed them to a Cow, who is nursing Calves.

After feeding the Cow, the woman should pray to Cow with folded hands that just as she has given food to her, which will help her in giving nourishment to her Calves, the Cow should also bless her and her Children and end the extramarital love affair of her husband.

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