Five Prosperity Totke for House

There are numerous Totke in the Hindu texts like the Lal Kitab and other paranormal scriptures for attracting Sukh Samruddhi or Prosperity. In this post, I have described five remedies, which can be performed inside the house to attract abundance and prosperity. These Totke do not involve any other  kind of worship or any kind of Mantra Chanting and are preformed using some simple everyday items. It is not essential to practice all these Totke, any one or more, can be practiced for attracting Sukh Samruddhi in the home.

1] Take an Earthen Matka [Earthen Pot] and put a few Gold or Silver Coins in it. Then fill and cover the Coins with either Wheat or Rice Grains. Then cover the Earthen Pot with a Red Colored piece of cloth and tie it with a thread. Then place this Matka in the North-West Corner of the house, this direction is known as the Vayavya Disha in Vastu Shastra. If unable to do this Totka, then a Square Gold Piece [any size] can be kept in the Puja Place of the house.

2] Take some Wheat Grains, A few Sticks of Kesar [Saffron Sticks] and 11 Tulsi Leaves [Holy Basil Leaves] and powder them to a prepare a paste. Then Sprinkle/Blow this powder all over the house.

3] Take some Red Colored Rangoli, a piece of Red Sandalwood and a Red Colored Rose and wrap these three items in a Red Colored piece of cloth and keep this bundle in the place where you normally store your cash. This Totka is considered auspicious for the inflow of money into the house.

4] Keeping a Shree Yantra in the Puja Place or hanging a Peacock Feather on the wall is another auspicious Totka to bring good luck into the house.

5] Keeping the Water of the Sacred Rivers in the Ishanya Disha or the North-East Corner of the house is another auspicious good luck bringing Charm for the house.  Apart for the Ganga, the Water of the rivers on whose banks major Hindu Places of Pilgrimage are located are also considered to be Sacred Rivers.

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  1. namaste guruji
    guruji can you please tell me if the matka used in the remedy no 1 should be touching the ground or we can keep it in a stool or platform above ground??? please clearify guruji ...

    1. The Matka can touch the ground or it can even be kept on a platform or a stool.


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