The Conscious Mind, the Unconscious Mind, the Super Conscious Mind are common terms used to describe the Human mind or thinking process as if they were parts of the human body like your hands or feet that is separate parts or components which make up the human body taking into consideration that the mind is also part of the human body, many misconceptions are being spread about these various minds which are said to exist inside us, there are still others who talk about seven types of consciousness I have in my post KARMA explained what really is meant by Karma this is a continuation of the same so please try to bear with me and understand what I am saying.

If you have read my post THE SEVEN CHAKRAS where I have written about the seven chakras or energy fields which exist in the human body these energy fields correspond to a gland in that portion of the body

Universal Mind Meditation Artwork
Universal Mind Art
Ganesha Consciousness Meditation 3D
Ganesha Consciousness
I have already explained in the SEVEN CHAKRAS the functions of the body which these chakras or energy fields control, the human mind does not think in a single channel the thoughts fluctuate as and when certain thoughts are brought to the fore these thoughts may arise from what you experience at that given moment or may arise from your memory which is as I have earlier said is the storehouse of all the events and actions which you have experienced in your life this memory bank is not always under your control hence it is called the unconscious or subconscious mind this is not something mystical or supernatural thing but very much a part of everyone’s body structure.

Thus when one thinks and acts the thinking and actions may vary at most of the times, I will give you an example when you are running or walking your speeds may vary but they are part of the same action and cannot be taken as separate entities that is the speeds, it is the same with the human mind it can extend from the lowliest of thoughts and actions to the highest of thoughts or actions but these fluctuation are not separate types of consciousness but part of the same consciousness.

Now about sub consciousness let me tell you this is again not a single unit, which one experiences but again is a relative term for there, are varying types of super consciousnesses one can rise higher and higher there is no cap or full stop to this rise simply because the super conscious is infinite.

This reasoning is simple because when one reaches a stage of super consciousness there still remains what is unknown, THE UNKNOWN WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE UNKNOWN WHAT YOU KNOW BECOMES THE KNOWN.

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