Michael Joseph Jackson August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009 an enigma in life and death. Yes a mystery, but I have uncovered the TRUTH BEHIND MICHAEL JACKSON what was the purpose behind his existence? Who was he in his previous birth? What message was given to mankind by the existence of Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson was none other than SHIKHANDI, for those of you who do not know who Shikhandi was a brief introduction is essential.

Shikhandi was born as a girl child named Shikhandini to Drupada, the king of Panchala. Shikhandi in his previous birth was born as a woman named Amba whose proposal for marriage was rejected by the great warrior Bhishma because he was a celibate; the humiliated Amba vowed to take revenge on Bhishma and hence was reborn as Shikhandini. At the time of her birth an Akashavani [divine voice] told her father Drupada to raise her like a male child and make her an expert in warfare which she became and was married of as a male, however on her wedding her wife on discovering her sex left her, now Shikhandi had no will to live and tried to commit suicide but was saved by an benevolent spirit who on hearing of her plight exchanged his sex with her, thus now a man Shikhandi lived a happy life with his wife who bore him many children.

Michael Jackson Shikhandi
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Shikhandi 3D
Michael Jackson Shikhandi
Eventually in the battle of Kurukshetra he killed Bhishma who recognized him as Amba and not wishing to fight a woman gave up his boon of invincibility and was killed by the great warrior Arjun who was hiding behind Shikhandi, thus Amba reborn as Shikhandi avenged her insult, after her purpose was fulfilled Shikhandi was eventually killed by the warrior Ashwatthama.

This readers is in brief the story of Shikhandi who thereafter was never born again until her birth as Michael Jackson.

Now the obvious question why was Shikhandi reborn as Michael Jackson, the dormant spirit of Shikhandi was willed by the universal energy also popularly called God to take birth as Michael Jackson to give the message to mankind that man can MUTATE into another being if his will was strong as Michael Jackson had done by way of Plastic Surgery and had not only become rich and famous but had millions and millions of fans, the message God wanted to give was that as resources become scarce and the population keeps on growing at some stage REPRODUCTION has to come down drastically without wars and bloodshed and it is possible for a human being to live both like a man and a woman or a combination of both like Michael Jackson did and be happy, in living memory there was never anyone like Michael Jackson before him and after him there will be nobody like him but his clones.

Amba alias Shikhandi alias Michael Jackson are one and the same spirit and have been born with a purpose as willed by God this is the TRUTH.

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  1. The real truth and purpose of Michael Jackson's life is to reflect who we are as human beings - We have the man in the mirror syndrome.Michael Jackson's life reflects humanity's obsessions with shallow, meaningless things such as; our physical appearance, material wealth, greed and self-destructive tendencies... Michael Jackson showed us by the way he lived his life how absolutely wacko we are as human beings...

  2. I agree and also think Hanuman had something to do with the way he looked. Michael Jackson and Hanuman bare striking resemblances.

    1. lol I googled this and glad to see I aint the only one that thought this..

  3. Hi Guru Neeli, your site prophet999 is really great!!!

  4. Interesting read Neel Sir.Its evident aap ne MJ ko mehnat se analyze kiye. MJ ka life..and death dono he samanya se parey tha. Shukriya for the article sir.


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