Dear readers we will now go into the past and have a glance at those startling prophecies of NOSTRADAMUS which have come true as I have already described in THE SECRET METHOD OF NOSTRADAMUS how he was able to make these startling prophecies here I have listed some of his fulfilled quatrains so keep reading.

Perdu trouue cache de fi long fiecle,
Sera Pasteur demy Dieu honore,
Ains que la Lune acheue fon grand fiecle,
Par autres vents sera deshonore.
The lost thing discovered, hidden for
Many centuries. Pasteur will be celebrated
Like a god. As the moon completes her
Great cycle, but he will also be dishonored
By some rumors.
Nostradamus Fulfilled Prophecies Evidence Artwork
Nostradamus Fulfilled Prophecies
This quatrain mentions Pasteur by name and also gives a dating of the moon cycle when it says towards the end of the cycle which was from 1535 to 1889, Pasteur founded his Institute Pasteur on 14 November 1889, he in his life time became very famous and was celebrated as a demi god, the rumors which dishonored him are the defamation campaign carried on against him by the old fashioned members of the French Academy who opposed his new methods.

Nostradamus Quatrains 3D Artwork
Nostradamus Quatrains 3D
Tard le monarque fe viendra repentir,
De n’auoir mis a mort fon aduerfaire,
Mais viendra bien a plus hault confentir,
Que tout son sang par mort fera deffaire.
The young lion will overcome the old, in
A field of combat in a single fight. He will
Pierce his eyes in the golden cage, two
Wounds in one, he then dies a cruel death.
By this quatrain, Nostradamus came into the public limelight as this quatrain was fulfilled in his lifetime and brought him into contact with the queen of France Catherine de Medicis and he became her close adviser thereafter. The king HenryII took no notice of this quatrain because technically no one could challenge the king for a duel.
This duel took place on the occasion of the wedding of the king’s daughter Elisabeth to King Philip of Spain. Henry II joined in the celebrations and took part in the jousting, which took place at St.Antoine and remained undefeated for the first two days and on the third day, he challenged Montgomery who happened to be the captain of his Scottish guard. When the duel took place both of them had a lion in their coat of arms in this duel the lance of Montgomery pierced the king’s helmet and entered his brain and he died a cruel death as his agony lasted for ten days.

PAV,NAY,LORON plus feu qu’a
Fang fera.
Laude nager fuir grand aux furres.
Les agaffas entrée refufera.
Pampon Durance les tiendra enferrez.
PAV,NAY,LORON will be more fire
Than blood. Swim in praise the great one
Will flee the confluence. He will refuse
Entry to the magpies. Pampon and the
Durance will keep them confined.
Out of the numerous quatrains which have a reference towards Napoleon I have chosen this one because if you analyze the anagram the words written in capital letters PAV, NAY, LORON will become Napoleon Roy which means Napoleon the King. This quatrain describes the imprisonment of Pope Pius VI and VII.

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  1. Hi Prophet.
    If only the church was more open minded in his time ,we would't have to guess about his predictions.
    But knowing what will happen might be a too havy burdon.


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