A lot of people talk about enlightenment without really knowing what the word enlightenment means, you have no doubt heard a lot about saints and holy men getting enlightened and wondered what really is enlightenment, almost everyone thinks that enlightenment is some mystery where one travels to to various planes of existence or into the unknown or has a one to one meeting with god. Please keep in mind that I am not one of those atheists who is trying to persuade you from not following your natural course of evolution as human beings but what I am trying to tell you is what really is enlightenment and how you can also become enlightened.

So now you will ask me what really is enlightenment, enlightenment is to put it simply ‘’to light up’’ like a bulb lights up when the electric switch is turned on it lights up and shines and one can see in the darkness.This most aptly describes the photographs and paintings of holy men and saints with their heads all lit up or with a golden light over their heads, this is not a joke or something funny these photographs or paintings really describe what enlightenment really is the heads of these persons have really lit up and they have become enlightened.

Light Artwork image
Light Art
Enlightenment Image in 3D Artwork
Enlightenment in 3D
What does it mean to have you heads lit up, it means that you have come out of the darkness into light, you have transcended your thoughts and the material wants which you live inside your entire life and a new existence beckons you. When you become enlightened your senses become heightened that is you can see, hear, taste feel, smell, move much better than before and better than most people which means that you have acquired what is normally described as extra sensory perception, now when I say extra sensory perception I use it as a relative term the extra sensory perceptions may vary from person to person and it is quite possible that someone may acquire a very high degree of ESP which could make him a superman, yes this is true.

Now the next logical question I will be asked is how does one become enlightened, I again request you to read MEDITATION OF SILENCE where I have explained what is the natural way of meditation and also the post on THIRD EYE AWAKENED and finally when you have understood what I mean read THE CROWN CHAKRA here you will get a clear idea on what I mean

Again let me tell you what we breath in is the life force or the universal energy please remember WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVE INSIDE US and what we breath in is not evenly distributed throughout the body but gravitates towards that part which needs it more and by practicing the meditation which I have explained in the above posts one can release the locked life force into the head and when the life force gets evenly distributed in the head and to every part of the head it means that you have become ENLIGHTENED.

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  1. Being "enlightened" can also mean your mind being "illuminated" by wisdom or truth.

    In other words, "removing the darkness of ignorance".

    Your compatirot, the late Jiddu Krishnamurti stressed very much for every human being to achieve for themselves enlightenment, which will eventually liberate us to becoming more intelligent and conscious beings.


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