Dear Readers after reading my posts THE TRUTH BEHIND MEDITATION and MEDITATION-A STATE OF MIND many of you have asked me to give a practical technique to practice meditation. I am of the opinion that and I have stressed that before that meditation is a state of mind and it is not advisable to get into habits of any kind and to practice meditation in a way which is most comfortable to you, herein below I will explain what really is meditation and how it is advisable to practice it.

I have in my post THE SEVEN CHAKRAS explained in detail who the functions of the three nadis in the human body which distribute breath or prana throughout the body -
Mind in Meditation of Silence Artwork
Mind in Meditation of Silence
called in Sanskrit as Ida, Pingala and Shushamna and in English as the sympathetic, parasympathetic and central nervous systems, these three nadis are situated along the spinal cord and they run in a curved manner which is why they are called SERPENT or KUNDALINI, these three nadis in this curved movement overlap each other and at the various fields of crossing an energy field is created which flows in an circular manner which can be compared to a wheel or a chakra hence the word chakra is used to describe these centers of energy, the frequency of these energy fields increases from the lower to the higher chakra i.e. the force which is generated increases from the lower to the higher.

These chakras and the energy which they generate is called the Prana or the life source energy, and this energy controls the entire human body and the chakras individually have a field of operation ie.they control the functions of the area in which they are situated, they not only control the physical parts but also the corresponding mental energy which these parts release.

Now as we have seen how the breath or the life source or prana flows through these nadis and controls the entire human body, please keep in mind that that area of the body which is most effected requires more breath or prana hence normally the distribution of the breath is not evenly distributed throughout the body.
Meditation of Silence Artwork
Meditation of Silence

Keeping this in mind the only way to practice meditation is through SILENCE but first it is essential to understand what silence means, when one practices silence the breath does not get unevenly distributed and is distributed through the body and in the process flows upwards toward the BRAIN and stimulates those areas of the brain which have been neglected and have remained unused, this is what the mystics call SIDDHI.

Now you will ask me how one-practice silences, I tell you silence cannot be practiced mechanically by method but one can practice it in a way one feels more comfortable with and how can one feel comfortable there is only way BY KNOWING WHAT SILENCE CAN DO FOR YOU.

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  1. Nice brain...I've got one of them!

  2. congratulations
    have a nice day

  3. Good articles,i like its.Cheer...

  4. Dear Sir,

    If I follow the meditation- a state of mind post and concentrate on my breath, I think I will automatically block all other noises and achieve silence, is my understanding correct( I have not reached that stage yet but I am trying?
    If my understanding is correct then do I need to know about these chakras and other complicated concerns of silence ?

  5. dear sir,

    First , thank you so much for helping us in our spiritual growth. I do have a question, If I follow the Meditation- a state of mind where I concentrate on my breathing then wouldn't I automatically achieve silence or do I still need to learn to breathe where I would need to think about my breath going into my brain and other nadis. I thought the other post said that we do not need to make anything complicated. Kindly clarify this for me.

    thank you very much.

  6. Dear sir,

    Kindly help with another question. Is this silence meditation another separate path from kundalini yoga chakra awakening path. Because the other post said that silence is being one with god so then this kundilini awakening yoga seems like a totally different path to joining god, is this correct ?

    thank you kindly for all of the help.

    1. All these paths of Meditation and Kundalini Stimulation have the same goal, which is of Oneness.
      You can observe your breath, if you feel comfortable doing so.
      The aim of this Meditation is to remove all thoughts and emotions from the mind.
      You can vary and experiment in any way, which suits you or you feel most at ease.

    2. Thank you Sir but kindly help with some more explanation of these 2 questions---- 1) kundalini seems to be powerful energy ultimately passing thru the head , i.e seems like hot and powerful experience whereas silence meditation is quite and gentle, so I am totally confused how these totally separate paths lead to oneness with god. And 2nd question--- Kundalini seems like a very very hard practice and silence meditation seems like a much easier method so why do people try Kundalini awakening as a path to God, what am I missing in this concept.

      thank you very much.

    3. What the adepts say is that it is only through Silence that the energy is activated and rises to the head.
      The experience of each individual is his own, so do not take into consideration what you have heard or read.


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