I now bring you some of the startling predictions made by Nostradamus regarding Adolf Hitler please remember that these predictions were made by Nostradamus in the fifteenth century and he wrote down what he saw using his secret methods which I have described in The secret methods of Nostradamus these are the accurate quatrains which I have selected out of the many available which can be applied to Hitler.

L’oxfeau de proye a la feneftre
Avant conflict faict aux Francoys pareure
Hitler Second Antichrist Artwork
Hitler Second Antichrist
L’vn bon prendra I’vn ambigue finiftre,
La partie foyole tiendra par bon augure.
The preying bird aligned to the left prepares for war before joining hands with the French who will regard him as a good omen and the stronger opposite party as bad.
Here Nostradamus refers to the Russians aligning with the French who have been described as the weaker party, please keep in mind that the key word here is left which can be take for communism.

Beftes farouches de faim fleuues tranner,
Plus part du champ encontre Hifter sera.
En caige de fer le grand fera treifner,
Quand rien enfant de German obferuera.
Beasts wild for blood cross the rivers; the battle will not favor Hitler how obeys no law and keeps learned ones in cages.
The key word here is Hifter, which is also described as a German, this is a most remarkable quatrain and leaves no room for anyone to say that this could be a coincidence. Here Nostradamus also describes how Hitler observed not even the basic laws of humanity and how innocent and helpless persons were kept in concentration camps. This is a very accurate quatrain as Hitler is described by name.

Du plus profound de l’Occident d’Europe,
De pauures gens vn ieune enfant naiftra,
Qui par fa langue feduira grande troupe,
Son bruit au regne d’Orient plus croiftra.
From the deepest part of western Europe will be born a child in a poor family who will entice many with his oratory and will make a reputation in the east.

This quatrain describes the origin of Hitler who was born in a poor family and with his oratory, skills hypnotized an entire nation to do his bidding, here Nostradamus also describes how Hitler was regarded as great man in the east, which is Japan, this is another remarkable Quatrain.

These are a few of the more prominent Quatrains in which Nostradamus has described Adolf Hitler with an accuracy which is startling a few spelling mistakes can be attributed to the fact that Nostradamus was first visualizing the future and then writing it down and some of the names and geography did not exist in his time.

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  2. When reality is analyzed in numbers rather than words, there becomes a pattern that emerges. Following this pattern enables one to understand both, what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. Very few people understand this, but the secret is found between 0 and 1.

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