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1 As God Almighty is Universal He cannot be confined in any particular religion. Kalk Maha Avatar who comes at the end of Kali Yuga is God Almighty Himself. Therefore he does not belong to Hinduism and Hindus alone. He is for all.

2 This Almighty God must fulfill all the prophecies regarding him which have been recorded in all the Holy Books of all the religions in the world. Anyone who does not fulfill this criterion is not Kalki Maha Avatar.

3 Many Avatars have appeared in different lands and in different climes. All these people were sent by God Almighty to reform humanity and make them walk in the path of Dharma. We must not have any prejudice against any of these messengers of God.

4 According to the Bible Kalki Maha Avatar will appear in the Line of a Royal Rishi by name King David. (Refer II Samuel Chapter 7 : 12-29, also Psalm 89 : 19-37)

5 According to the Hindu Scripture he must be a Kshatriya and at the same time a Brahmin. (Kalki Puranam, Bhagawatham and Vishnu Puranam).

6 The Quran states that Isha (Jesus) prophesied that a great person will come after him whose name would mean “Praised One”. (Koran 61:6)

7 Vedas of all religions tell that Kalki Maha Avatar will be a married man and have children.

8 Kalki Puranam tells that he will stay for some time in Simhala Dwipa (Sri Lanka) and then return to India. Very minute details about his wife and children are mentioned. There are portions which have a literal connotation and there are also portions which have a symbolic connotation. The symbolic method was given by God so that the false ones who claim themselves as God will get caught when they try to fit themselves into his role. This method was resorted for another purpose also. It was done to prevent the Vedas from being destroyed by the atheists. Kalki Puranam also tells about all the deeds that Kalki Maha Avatar will accomplish. They tell us how he will confront ‘Kali Purushan’ directly and annihilate him. They also tell how he will ascend to heaven after his divine purpose is accomplished.

9 Kalki Puranam says in more than one instance that Kalki Maha Avatar will appear on the outskirts of River Tamirabarani. Bagavatham also mentions that Kalki Maha Avatar will take birth in Dravida Desham where river Tamirabarani will be flowing. It also mentions that he will be born in Sambala Gramam. So Sambala Gramam must be near Tamirabarani according to these texts and not in North India as is popularly believed. Srimad Bhagawatham, Canto II, Chapter 5: Text 39-40 as follows: “Very few people are found to follow and worship Narayana in Kali-Yuga. Simple and insignificant people are found worshipping Lord Narayana in “DRAVIDA-DESHAM” (TAMIL NADU) in a place where River TAMIRAPARNEE will be flowing (TIRUNELVELI)”. This is a very clear cut prophecy. So it can be understood that the final KALKI MAHA AVATAR will have his abode on the outskirts of River Tamiraparnee, which is in Tamil Nadu. So the Final Avatar comes from South India and NOT from the North as many people expect today.

10 In the ‘Book of Adam’ we find God Almighty comforting Adam and telling him that he would appear after 5,500 years and give total liberation to mankind.

11 Adam and Eve (Adama and Havyavathi according to the Bhavishya Maha Puranam) appeared at the beginning of Kali Yuga. So we can expert Kalki Maha Avatar within the time frame of 6,000 years from the time of the Prajapathi Adam. Many Hindu pundits say that the time span of Kaliyuga is 4,32,000 years. Such a very long period of time is allocated for Kaliyuga due to ignoring the rule in Mathematical Calculation which says: “Angaanaam vaamatho gathihi” and also due to confusing “Divya Varsham” (calculation based on our sun) and “Daiva Varsham”(calculation of the devas). Thus a colossal mistake has happened which has stretched the time frame of Kali Yuga from 6,000 years to 4, 32, 000 years.

12 Kalki Maha Avatar is a Kshatriya (Royal Race) by birth and a Brahmin (Rishi) by renouncing the world and leading the life of a High Priest. He will be both - - King as well as Priest. ‘Kshtra Tejas’ will combine with ‘Brahma Tejas’ in him and only in him alone.

13 The world will not have any unity except under him. Every kind of unity in any other way will break into pieces.

14 Kalki Maha Avatar will preach his own dharma which will be the Highest Dharma. He will preach the ‘Dharma of Deathlessness’ which secret has not been preached so far by anybody. He will correct all the trash that the false people have incorporated into the Vedas of all religions.

15 Many prophets and saints were raised by God in the 19th and 20th Centuries who have given many clear cut prophecies regarding Kalki Maha Avatar. All of them must be fulfilled by the real Kali Maha Avatar. Impostors cannot fit themselves to fulfill all these hundreds of references in all the Holy Books and the inspired utterances of all these saints of God raised to herald his Glorious Coming.

Shri Lahari Krishna Kalki Maha Avatar
Shri Lahari Krishna
16 The astronomical positions of the stars and planets now is not the same as it was in the antediluvian world when the Pole Star was right on top of Mount Meru. Kanchi Peedam asserts this most categorically. As the world is now tilted at an angle of twenty three and half degrees the configuration of the stars and planets at the time of birth of Kalki Maha Avatar will not be the same as stated in the texts when a different configuration was applicable. We must make the necessary changes to get the correct configuration. Modern technology will accomplish this with the help of super computers.

17 As Kalki Maha Avatar is God Almighty He will have no bias to any one religion or to any one Veda. He will preach from all the Vedas of all the different religions and expound the Real Meaning of the Vedas as He is the Author of the Vedas. He will correct all the interpolations and extrapolations which have crept into the Vedas of all the religions. He will also tell what has been removed from the Vedas and also what portions have been perverted by the false people for their own selfish ends.

18 All the commentaries written so far will pale into insignificance before this teaching of Kalki Maha Avatar. If the commentaries were 100% perfect they would have given ‘Jeevan Mukthi’ to all those who followed them. This not being the case it goes to prove that they are erroneous in the matter of Godhead and other doctrinal issues. The Full Truth of the Vedas will shine by the explanation of the Vedas by the Author of the Vedas Himself.


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  1. dear prophet666
    could you tell me more about this lord shri.lahari krishna who his disciple claims is kalki mahaavatar about his devotees and their experiances to back up the tall claims

  2. this post has been written by a disciple of his and has been published as it is without editing so far no devotees have posted any comments it is up to them to back their claims

    1. Lord WHAT?,Paulaseer Lahari Krishna?.

      Whata fraudster, whose propheyc failed!!.

      And who is RISHI david?incorporating Jewish and biblical stupidities into Hinduism?.

  3. Dear Sujatha,
    I direct you to the following websites:
    to know more about Lord Shri Lahari Krishna who is the Kalki-Maha-Avatar.
    Yours in Lord Narayana's Service,

  4. HA HA HA...
    There are dozens of Kalki avatar in India.
    Sai Baba is also kalki, Vijay Kumar (a.k.a Bhagwan Kalki of Andhra) too claimed himself Kalki. Gohar Shahi is also kalki.
    Around 3 or 4 south Indians also claims they are kalki (they have their own ashrams & cults in south India).
    Dr. Zakair Nayak claims Muhammad also was Kalki.
    Sadanand Gyaneshwar is also kalki ( in Google) and so on...
    Sooooo many kalkis we have. And that is why India is going thru such a precarious condition.

    1. Dear Unknown,
      1. The Real Kalki Avatar will come according to the Scriptures of all the religions in the world.
      2. His message will free mankind from the bondage of birth, disease, old-age and death.
      3. If we see through the Vedas of all religions it is certain we will find the True One.
      4. Counterfeits come after the True One has announced himself. Because we have counterfeit money, would we stop using real money.
      5. Ask the Almighty God to reveal Himself to you. He will certainly do it.
      (Direct disciple of Lord Shri Lahari Krishna


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