Dear readers I now bring to you the startling prophecies made by NOSTRADAMUS regarding NEW YORK this city which he has repeatedly described as the New City, these quatrains are frightening and scary.

Ennofigée feu du centre de terre
Fera trembler an tour de cité neufue:
Deux grands rochiers long teps ferot la guerre,
Puis Arethufa rougira nouueau fleuue.
Earthshaking fire from the center of the
Earth will cause tremors around the New
City. Two great towers will fall at each
Other, then Arethusa will redden a new river.
This is indeed a startling quatrain which has described the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Towers, and the aftermath the invasion of Afghanistan by the Americans in which much more people die. Arethusa signifies the massive destruction in Afganistan.Readers I also request you to read my post NOSTRADAMUS AND NUCLEAR WAR.
New York Destruction Nostradamus Art
New York Destruction Nostradamus

Statue of Liberty Nostradamus Artwork
Statue of Liberty Nostradamus
Cinq & quarante degrés ciel brûflera,
Feu approacher de la grand cité neufue:
Inftant grande flamme éfparfe fautera,
Quant on voudra des Normans faire preuue.
The sky will burn at foutryfive degrees,
Fire approaches the great New City, soon
A massive scattered flame jumps up when
The Normans will be in distress.
New York did not exist in the times of NOSTRADAMUS who reapededly refers to it as the great New City and the inhabitants as the Normans whose descendants are the Americans. New York city lies between the 40 and 45 degrees parallel in America. NOSTRADAMUS has here described the location as well. This quatrain describes a possible nuclear attack on New York, A frightening quatrain indeed.

lardin du monde au près de cité neufue,
Dans le chemin des montaignes cauées:
Sera faifi & plongé dans la cuue,
Beuuant par force eaux foulfre enuenimées.
The garden of the world in the New City
In the roads of the hollow mountains, they
Will be thrown in the tank and be forced
To drink poisoned water filled with Sulphur.
Again a reference to the New City of New York, the skyscrapers are described as hollow mountains, this quatrain describes the inhabitants being forced to drink having no option water filled with radioactive elements which can only happen after a nuclear attack.

Dear readers I only hope that these Prophecies do not come true, so let us pray to God.

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  1. Nostradamus never made the prediction "two great towers will fall at each other," although the reference to the "New City" rings true.


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