Dear reader I will now tell you about the triggers of evolution which have been used and will be used by the universal energy which we call god YES this universal energy which we live inside and which lives insides us triggers the evolution of mankind through a set of human beings chosen by it to do its bidding why it chooses them is known only to it and what plan it has for mankind and how far it wants mankind to evolve is known only to it.

Three Antichrists of Nostradamus Artwork
Three Antichrists Artwork
How does the universal energy trigger evolutionary changes, the play of the forces of nature the CREATIVE,PROTECTIVE and the DESTRUCTIVE forces which I have already described in my post on THE THREE FORCES OF GOD, I will now tell you how it act through certain human beings.

JESUS CHRIST was the first trigger which the universal energy acted through what Jesus preached was opposed by the destructive forces who did not wish to bring about a change and had stopped evolving this later on led to great disputes, wars and bloodshed which went on and on for centuries, there were after Jesus quite a few offshoots who followed in his footsteps and continued the task for which he was chosen and ultimately the creative and protective forces prevailed.

The Three Triggers of God for change and war
Three Triggers of God
ADOLF HITLER was the second major trigger used by the universal energy to bring about change, by the universal energy when it felt that the evolutionary changes which it had brought about through Jesus had come to a standstill it used the DESTRUCTIVE forces through Hitler to bring about evolutionary change, now you will ask me what evolutionary change did Hitler bring about, I will tell you that the great scientific progress which we see today has its roots in the great bloodshed which Hitler started, there was competition between the three forces of nature towards greater and greater scientific advancement, which continues till today.

KALKI AVATAR will be the third major trigger in the evolutionary chain triggered by the universal energy his work will be to destroy the evil which prevails in society today, yes there is now a the greatest amount of moral decay in society than ever before and this will be changed by KalkI Avatar, who is now awaited.

Dear readers these are the three persons who have been described by NOSTRADAMUS as the three ANTI CHRISTS the three TRIGGERS OF GOD.

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