Meditation is a word you hear day in and day out almost everyone practices meditation at one time or the other in his or her life. There are numerous techniques available, all of which promise you of the ultimate union with god. Yet out of these millions of people practicing meditation for years how many of them have reached their ultimate goal, have you heard or met such people what have you noticed in them which you don't poses, are they any different from you .did you see them perform any miracles or things which you could not do. Now about these persons practicing meditation apart from self-hypnosis in what way have they changed, see changes show by themselves you do not have to observe them through a microscope.

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Ganesha Art

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God Art

Now what is the truth behind meditation you will ask me let me tell you meditation is nothing but a state of mind, the ultimate goal of the mediator is union with the ultimate and this union cannot be achieved by getting into methods. If one could achieve the final frontier of meditation by getting into methods or mechanical habits, you may very well try counting numbers or motorcars passing in front of your house. You will achieve nothing other than satisfaction, which you may also gain from cleaning your house.

Then you will ask how to achieve this state of mind, which is popularly called meditation, and to achieve the ultimate goal, which is union the almighty or god. I will in my next post show you how to achieve this state of mind.

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  1. I have been reading the topics of this website since yesterday. Today I was reading this topic and I am little unhappy with the way it has been described.

    Its mentioned that "Union with God (ultimate) cannot be acheived by an individual practicing Meditation/ Yoga.".

    1. The basic practice of meditation is to acheive a state of balance with our body, soul or atma and mind.

    2. To make sure we are fine tuned in such a way that our mind does not take control (in normal cases our mind takes control from our thoughts.). So by meditation we give control to our heart and dont use mind until it is atmost required. (Reason: Thoughts are also Karma, not just actions)

    3. We become something that we think constantly. So we meditate on the ultimate/ GOD to become like GOD.

    4. In the history of mankind people have meditated on some thing which were materialistic, so when they acheived that they got satisfied and done with their meditation.

    5. If one is blessed, a worthy Guru can help you understand that Love is GOD and if one meditation on Love then there are chances of acheiving the ultimate union.

    6. Also one has to understand that humans have lots of impressions, prejudices etc, which are called Samskaras. This has to be removed too inorder to have constant progress in the path of spiruality.

    7. If some one has been in union with GOD then he is with us all, only thing is that we dont recognize it.

    8. Inorder to recognize it, one has to meditate and understand.

    9. I wish the humans as one entity could acheive this union by meditation on Love in their hearts.


  2. The ultimate goal of meditation is to attain a thoughtless state. It is mentioned in Mahabharata also. One has to try to attain the thoughtless state for a few seconds or a second as many times as possible in a lifetime. The thoughtless states during watching the mind are the points of enlightenment. It's that simple yet difficult. It is mentioned in Mahabharata that when one attains the thoughtless state even for the fraction of a second, it will wipe out the karmas of many lifetimes. It's a death like state and hence called Samadhi. It represents an emotional and psychological death.


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