An intuitive person is most often someone who is classified as abnormal and intuition as something supernatural or unnatural, we look at persons having the gift of intuition with a certain degree of suspicion and skepticism.

What is intuition?
Intuition means to have fore knowledge of something before it actually happens, now you will ask me how it is possible and if so how can we achieve it. To know about intuition you have to first look at and observe your mind.

Intuition of the mind is a natural human state of being
Mind Power and Intuition are related states of the human mind
Mind Power

A continuously thinking entity, an entity which is forever thinking, an entity which is then analyzing what it is thinking, an entity which is the arriving at judgments on what it has analyzed.
Is this not what you have observed? Then how can one develop intuition? If you observe your mind in an unbiased manner, you will notice that it is in a continuously thinking/analyzing/judging mode. In this mode, you will draw from whatever is stored in your memory and whatever your senses are experiencing at that give moment. In this mode, one can never develop or experience intuition.

It is easy to say thinking or stop all mental activity or enter into a state of no mind these things cannot be achieved easily. When you try to achieve or do something you expend energy, just try to relax and observe your mind in an unbiased manner without expending energy and here it is most IMPORTANT to note that you do not try, remember that if you try you will not be able to achieve it, your mental state must be relaxed and remember DO NOT THINK BUT LET YOUR MIND THINK ON ITS OWN

Keep yourself relaxed and you will soon notice that your mind is doing the thinking part on its own without you having to push it into thinking or trying to achieve. Relax and let it achieve it on its own INTUITION WILL HAPPEN ON ITS OWN.

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