Gods/religions and cults have been replaced by other gods/religions and cults this cycle has been going on from time immemorial and will certainly go on.

One prays and holds ceremonies, festivals and feasts without truly knowing to whom or what one is dedicating this to. Every day one sees millions and millions of people praying to god or the almighty or by whatever name they choose to call him/her this process has been going on and on forever and is still going on and on for centuries and goes back till the known history of mankind.

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Over the centuries, man does not know whom or what he is really dedicating this to; no one in the history of humankind has given a creditable description of god. As the renounced thinker Krishnamurti once said THOSE WHO SAY THEY KNOW ARE LYING AND THOSE WHO KNOW DO NOT TELL. So far, we do not have a convincing explanation for god.

Then what is it everyone prays to and many claim that their prayers have been answered, no one really knows for sure.
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Then what is it that is being prayed to, does it really answer your prayers, does it really require you to pray to it, and does it really answer your prayers, one really does not know.

As the poet, kabir said WHEN YOU EXIST I CEASE TO EXIST AND WHEN I EXIST YOU CEASE TO EXIST. If we look at this verse objectively, we will know that we are never separate from god but our mental structure is such that we do not realize this. The person who truly realizes this is called a realized person and this is called REALISATION.

We are all parts of the same thing which you may call god or by any other name you please to we are never separate from or from one another, we are like drops of water and collectively we become the ocean, everything in this universe is interconnected and is in fact one object, and the sum total of all the parts is called god.

So when we pray we are really praying to ourselves and by default to each other and to every ting in this universe. And when we hurt or abuse each other, we are hurting/abusing ourselves, as nothing exists in isolation every action and reaction of ours starts a chain reaction of we may not be aware of. So when we pray we pray for ourselves and to everything that exists in the universe.

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