Gajendramoksha Stotra for Mental Peace

Many devote Hindus chant the Gajendramoksha Stotra to be free from the sorrows and the miseries of life, to seek Moksha [Liberation from the unending Cycles of Life and Death] and to remove all kinds of sadness from their lives. The Gajendramoksha Stotra is one of the most powerful Mantras to eradicate sorrows and is specifically recommended for removing Chinta [Worry] in women. Women who are facing severe problem in life can either chant or listen to an audio of the Gajendramoksha for finding that elusive Peace of Mind.

The Gajendramoksha Stotra is believed to be one of the most powerful of the Hindu Devotional Prayers. This Stotra, which originates from the Bhagavad-Gita is a prayer chanted by Gajendra to Bhagwan Vishnu for liberation and freedom from the unending cycle of life and death. Gajendra was a mighty Elephant king trapped in water by a crocodile and was saved by Vishnu from the clutches of death, in response to his call [prayer] for divine intervention.

The Elephant being the largest and most powerful of all animals, symbolizes might and strength and it is a well-known fact that even the mighty elephant can be brought down by a huge crocodile in water. The crocodile, which symbolizes fear and dread in water, can easily be killed on land by other predators. However, in this context, the crocodile stands for the Kaal [death, which is a symbol of time, which spares none, none can escape it].

Gajendra realizing the futility of his huge size and strength prayed for the ultimate liberation from the cycle of life and death and sought refuge in Vishnu.

The essence of the Gajendramoksha Stotra is that Vishnu responds to any prayer, which emits from the bottom of the heart. The only safe place in this Universe is Vishnu. No being, howsoever strong and mighty or rich and powerful is indestructible or invincible and is always subject to the unchangeable and time-tested laws of nature. There is only one Maryada Purushottam and that is Vishnu as Shri Ram.

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    A very effective stotra for rin-mukti and vipatti-naash.


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