Most people live their entire lives just taking their body for granted, no one really gives it a thought as to what the body really is, those who do most often look at the scientific and biological studies, others look at the DNA studies and what the medical journals have put forward, and still others at what their religious scriptures have said. Most people have blind and unchangeable beliefs.

The only visible God in the Universe
Sun or Surya Deva
The entire universe is one whole field of energy, this energy is further divided into three main energy fields the CREATIVE, PROTECTIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE forces about which I have already spoken about in THE THREE FORCES OF GOD, each and every object in the universe has its own energy field or force, every object including living things are nothing but energy.

The Evolving Energy that is the Universe
The Evolving Energy
So let us imagine that the entire universe is nothing but a energy field and that includes us and every other object and everything is interconnected and every action no matter how so ever insignificant creates a chain reaction which does not stop and goes on forever, so remember whatever you do has a chain reaction which never ends.

By now, we have seen the human body is also energy, which exists, in the whole energy or what we call the universe, please remember that there is nothing in this universe no matter how insignificant it may be without a reason everything in existence has a reason and purpose for its existence.

Now to understand the true nature of one’s energy we have to observe ourselves our energy and the energy, which is around us everywhere, we have to look at our energy in relation to the energy around us; we have to study how we have made use of this energy. how we have harnessed and utilized this energy for the benefit of our energy, human beings have harnessed all the three types of energies CREATIVE,PROTECTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE for their benefits whether for beneficial purposes or selfish.

Now one has to further analyze one self if one is in a CREATIVE, PROTECTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE energy mode, we have to understand that we do not use these energies but we become them, we mutate into whatever energy we think we are using and become that energy in relation to the energy around us including that of other human beings, so when we analyze our actions and the chain reactions they cause we can arrive at some sort of understanding about ourselves.

We have to understand that there is a purpose for all three energies to coexist because if only one energy existed there would be no co relation or chain reaction for the evolution of the other two energies, we have to look at ourselves closely and observe that we are evolving to understand that the entire universe is in a perpetual state of evolution.

If we observe our minds and how we have evolved from childhood, we will see the changing pattern of our energy, one has to realize and become the energy to fully understand the beginning the purpose and the end of evolution. By becoming the energy, one has to realize that WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE US.

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