Pitra Dosha in Astrology and the Remedy

Pitra or Pitru Dosha is according to Traditional Hindu Astrology, the Runa or the leftover Karmic Debts of ancestors [Pitra in Hindi]. This is one of the major Astrological Past life Doshas [Defects], which have to be repaid by their descendants.  This Dosha is said to be present in the horoscope if the ancestor [direct bloodline] has died leaving behind an unfulfilled promise or task, owes something to someone, or has sinned and the sin has to be cleared. Hindu scriptures state that the soul of the ancestor knows no peace [Mukti] unless his debts have been cleared by his descendant or descendants.

Even though in astrological terms, Pitra Dosha is said to be indicated by the relations in the Kundali  between Surya [Sun], Shani [Saturn], Rahu [North Node] and Ketu [South Node], the indications of the Pitra Dosha being present in a horoscope can only be ascertained by a learned and spiritually advanced astrologer.  Hence, I would not advice readers to take it seriously, if someone with basic /superficial knowledge of astrology has told them that they are suffering from Pitra Dosha in the Kundali.

As this is a past life Dosha and the soul of the ancestor is believed to be restless as a result of the unfulfilled Rin, the ancestor is likely to give an indication in a dream. Hence, instead of blindly going in for Pitra Dosh Nivaran Totke, Upay and remedies or any kind of special Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja-Vidhi, it is always better to wait for clear indications from the ancestors.

I have also given a simple do-it – yourself Remedy for resolving Pitra Dosha, those not wanting to hire an astrologer or Pundit, can most certainly perform this easy Totka, which is described in detail below.

On the day of Amavasya, a five and half meter white cloth has to be taken and spread over a wooden board and 11 rupees and some rice grains have to be kept in two corners of the cloth and tied into  knots[Gaanth] using the cloth itself. Then, a Coconut has to be taken and remembering the ancestors, it has to be placed in the center of the cloth and the cloth has to be tied in to another bigger Gaanth to prepare a bundle.

This bundle should be kept in a safe and secure place in the home. The practitioner should distribute white colored Mithai to children and poor people and if possible keep aside a portion of his meal before taking the meal and feed it to a cow.

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  1. Hello Neel Sir. I thank you deeply for your endeavor to provide us knowledge of science of our Amazingly Incredible India. Sir I would Like to give you a Suggestion. Sir you use 'ru' for ऋ, which actually it is not. I know that you know the pronounciation of ऋ is 'ri', but you write it as 'ru'. Like we dont call पितृ as पित्रु. Sir this may be a convention to write ri as ru, but sir you know, this can make people also pronounce ri as ru, like pitri as pitru. Sir I hope you may understand my aim. I thank you again for all you effort.

    1. Thank you you your helpful and correct suggestion. I am sure all readers will take note of the advice given by you.

  2. Hlw sir i just want to know that for how much time we have to keep that bundle at home and after putting rice how to knot the cloth ?

    1. The bundle should be kept forever, if it gets damaged or spoilt after sometime immerse it in flowing water and replace with another similar bundle.

  3. Hello Sir. My name is Kanchan. We are facing very negative vubes in our home. Koi bhi kaam banne se pehle bighad jaata hai. Please koi simple upay bataay. We are facing lots of financial problems, lack of mental peace, quarrel and negativity. Please suggest something. Thanks alot for the above uppaay. Will definitely try it.

  4. I live in USA how can i immerse in a flowing water, its a big bundle with the white cloth, can i just take out the coconut and replace just the coconut? please advice

    1. The coconut should not be taken out, you will have to immerse it discreetly without being noticed. The bundle should be immersed only if it gets damaged or you want to dispose it off.

  5. Will this remedy remove pitra dosh. We have to daily pray this bundle or just once and than place it on safe place.

    1. Yes, it removes Pitra Dosh related problems, there is no need to pray daily.

    2. Can I take jata wala coconut and what to pray to ancestors white taking coconut


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