Putli Mantra to Exorcise Ghosts

A Shabar Putli Mantra along with a Tantra to Exorcise Ghosts known in the Hindi language as the Bhoot, Pret,  Buri Atma, Pishach Nashak Mantra is described by me in this post. This Magical VoodooTantra is performed by a small section of Aghori Exorcists to exorcise a possessed person of all types of bad and dangerous ghostly spirits.

The Tantric performs this Bhoot Mar Bhaganeka Totka [Remedy to remove and destroy ghosts [by taking a Copper Plate] Tambe Ki Thali] and prepares a Doll [Putli] from Wheat Dough [Gehun Ka Ata] and keeps the Pulti in the Copper Plate.

Then the Tantric pours Sindoor [Red Vermillion Powder] and Pure Ghee [Clarified Butter] over the Putli, chants the Shabar Exorcism Mantra below 51 times, and blows his breath over the Putli.

ॐ चण्डी मासन वीर भूत-प्रेत के औसान भस्मी भूत स्वाहा ||
Om Chandi Maasan Veer Bhoot-Pret Ke Aousan Bhasmi Bhoot Swaha ||

Then the Tantric take a sharp kinife and cuts the Putli into two pieces with a single stroke of his hand. He then takes the Copper Plate with the Putli [symbolizing the destroyed demonic being] and keeps it in an isolated and lonely place and heads back home without glancing back over his shoulder.

This completes the Bhoot-Pret Nivaran Totka, which is said to relieve and free a possessed person from the unseen mystical beings, which had taken control over his mind and body. The Exorcism rite described above can be performed at night on any day.

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  1. post some shabar mantras related to lord narsingh (narsimha half man half lion ,4 th reincarnation of lord vishnu) to protect from evil spirits ,prosperity in life & business,protection from enemies,,..as they are rare , or vedic mantras ,,..

  2. The practitioner is exorcised, anyone wanting to exorcise himself can practice this Mantra Prayog.


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