Kesar Chandan Tilak for a Calm Mind

Kesar and Chandan, Saffron and Sandalwood in English are words, which need no introduction. Readers of this site will have certainly seen references to both these items time and again in various posts relating to Mantra and Yantra Experiments, various kind of remedies, Totke and Tantras.  In this post, I will explain how to relieve headaches and migraine and keep the mind calm and free from anxiety by using a Kesar-Chandan Tilak.

Preparing the Paste- Rub a Sandalwood Block on a Rubbing Board by applying a few drops of water on the Rubbing Board to prepare the Sandalwood paste. Mix a few strands of Kesar with the Sandalwood paste to prepare the Tilak mixture,

Then chant the Shiva Mantra - Om Namah Shivaya || – ॐ  नमः शिवाय || once while applying the Tilak on the forehead. This infuses the Tilak paste with the power of this most powerful Shiva Mantra.  If suffering from severe and painful headaches then apply the Kesar-Chandan paste all over the forehead[ Mathe Par Lape Lagana]

Both Kesar and Chandan are Satvik items, which are extensively used in all kinds of Hindu religious rituals and hence applying a Shiva Mantra infused  Tilak or Lape on the forehead works wonders in giving relief from headaches and recurring migraine. Apart from this, application of this Tilak helps in keeping the mind calm, composed and tension free and enhances grasping power and memory, which is why many Yogi, Sadhus and Munis apply the Kesar-Chandan Tilak on their foreheads.

Please note that this Totka depends largely on the use of Pure Kesar as one can easily be fooled into buying or adulterated Kesar.

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