Remedy for Rahu and Door Facing South

If Rahu[North Node-Dragon's Head] is adverse, badly positioned or debilitated [Neech Ka Rahu] in the Kundali of the Native and if the Native is residing in a home whose Main Door or Entrance to the house is facing the South then it is inauspicious for the Native. Such a situation is most likely to make the Native keep on losing money and wealth, he is also likely to under severe mental strain at most times and never able to experience  complete peace of mind.

However, there is no need to panic for such persons, if an astrologer has informed them that they are facing this problem and there is a need to perform a Dosha Nivaran/ Nashak Puja-Vidhi, Totka or any other astrological remedy to resolve this harmful astrological and Vastu Shastra combination. The simple and cost effective do-it-yourself paranormal remedy from the Lal Kitab given by me in this post is most likely to permanently resolve this Dosha.

Perform this simple Lal Kitab Totka remedy just once in the morning- Offer/ donate a sufficient quantity [half or one kilogram] of Masoor Dal [split orange lentils] to a Sweeper [Safai Karamchari] or if that is not possible then a small amount of money will be sufficient. This is said to make the Safai Karamchari happy and his blessing will resolve this problem.

This article has been written in response to specific requests from some of the readers of this site who are faced with this particular astrological-Vastu Dosha problem.

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  1. Thank you guruji, please post some hanuman mantra tantra sadhanas. And kisike mann ki kaise jaan ske aisi koi mantra sadhana provide karo guruji request to you. Charan sparsh jay siyaraam.


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