Mantras for Tongue and Mouth Cancer

The Hindu Healing Mantras described by me in this post are said to be a combination of two Mantras, which are believes to be effective in healing diseases related to the Mouth and the Tongue, including Tongue and Mouth Cancer.  In the post below, I have described the simple method to practice the Healing Sadhana.

The Sanskrit Mantras mentioned here have appeared earlier in some posts for curing some other diseases and ailments, however, readers must note that it is the combination, which counts.

The Healing Experiment is easy and the practitioner should keep a small mug or glass of drinking water before him, dip all the fingers of his right hand in the mug, chant the two Mantras one after the other 21 times each, and then drink that water.  The water can also be infused with the Mantras by holding the mug in the right hand and chanting the Mantras 21 times each.  If practicing the first method given by me, remember to keep your hands clean while performing the Mantra Sadhana.

Hindu Healing Spells for Tongue and Mouth Cancer
Mantras for Tongue and Mouth Cancer

The Healing Mantra Remedy can be practiced anytime during the day and continued until the practitioner experiences relief.

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  1. Namaste guruji, my father has operated for oral cancer before 2 months but somehow having the second episode or say recurrent of tumors in throat n suggested to operate again...m very worried, plz help me by suggesting some remedy or tantra to stop spreading it...vl b very thankful u too..I have followed yoursuggestions for my mothers health in critical condition before 2 years n she is very fine now but plz plz help me this time also guruji as I have very much faith in you n your upayas...

    1. This Healing Mantra is said to be effective for Oral Cancer and hence can be chanted by your father.

  2. hello sir can i chant these mantra on behalf of my father.plz m very worried n living far away from him for my job.plz help

  3. hello sir...can i practise the second method on behalf of my father and then sprinkle the same on his photo...because my father is very ill

    1. You will have to actually practice this Mantra Remedy on your father and not his photograph.

  4. Hello Sir..will this mantra cure my mouth ulcer and gum ulcers ? I am very much worried due to this.


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