Healing By Gold Water

As per Hindu Healing Tantra Shastra Gold apart from its glitter and beauty has strong healing properties and these healing properties have been always been used in treating some specific diseases and health problems by traditional Indian healers. In this post, I will describe how to prepare Gold Water and how it is used in a couple of the simpler and easy to practice remedies in treating and getting relief from some common ailments.

Preparing and using Gold Water in treating diseases and ailments
Take a glass of clean and fresh drinking water in a clean Brass Utensil and put a piece of Gold [it can be a Gold Coin or even a Gold Ornament] in it and put it on a flame and let the water boil for some time. Then remove the Brass Utensil from the flame and when the water becomes lukewarm, drink the water.

This Gold Water remedy can be effectively used in treating Asthma and other breath related diseases and ailments. The Gold Water is also believed to be effective in treating fever, cough and cold related ailments and for strengthening the immune system function of the body and increasing resistance to infections.

If the same remedy is practiced replacing the Brass Utensil with a Gold or Silver Utensil, it is said to reduce excessive body heat.

Healing by Gold Water starts showing results over a period of time depending upon the intensity of the ailments and hence these remedies have to be practiced until positive results are obtained.

Note- This article has been written only for educational purposes. Kindly consult your Doctor to know if the remedy suits your body or if you are allergic to the metals, which have been mentioned above.

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  1. sounds very useful. i had heard it before but was unaware of how to prepare it. i will try this.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. neel sir ,
    for how much time the water should be boiled once we see the bubbles , 2-3 mins or more .
    also this should be night time -before leeping or
    morning time

    1. If can remove from the flame, once you see a couple of bubbles. You can do it in the morning or at bedtime, but make sure that the Gold and the Utensil are clean.


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