Mantra Remedy using Aloo Bukhara Fruit

The Aloo Bukhara, which is small edible fruit belonging to the Plum or Prune fruit variety, is not only a tasty fruit, but is also said to have certain strong medicinal properties.  There are certain health remedies, which have been traditional practiced in India using the Aloo Bhukara fruit, in the post below, I have explain how to practice a Mantra Remedy, which is believed to resolve some every day health issues.

For getting sound sleep, loss of appetite and diarrhea
125 Milligrams [0.125 Grams] of Aloo Bukhara and an equal quantity of Bhang [a preparation of the Cannabis plant] have to be grinded to a paste and then mixed in about half a teaspoon of honey and licked.

The Shani Dev Mantra given below should be chanted one just before consuming the Aloo Bukhara – Bhang Mixture in order to infuse it with the Mantra.

Please note that Bhang is a product of the Cannabis Plant and though used in certain Hindu religious rite and festivities, like Holi, it is an addictive drug.

Hindu Healing Shani Mantra Remedy using Aloo Bukhara Fruit
Shani Mantra

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  1. like this shani mantra you have posted,i ve seen in many mantra based internet sites there are indications that there are lot of mantras including shabar related to shani dev not just for forgiveness from shani dev but also protection from evil spirits ,i know these mantras can be strictly chanted by those who have beneficiary horoscopial place of shani dev in their birth horoscope (kundli,tivdah) which we say in north india,like differnt ,rare mantras you post on this site ,it will be beneficiary and positeve for those seeking blessings and protection from evil by shani dev,it 'll be great if you post such rare mantras,,..


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