Paranormal Remedies with Vulture Body Parts

The body parts of a Vulture have great importance in Indian Paranormal Tantra; mostly the Aghori or fearsome Tantra. They are much sought after Tantric items as it become easier for a Tamsik Aghori Sadhaka to accomplish a variety of paranormal experiments using the body parts of a Vulture. In this post, I have mentioned some of the more famous magical Indian Tantric rituals practiced by Aghori Sadhakas.

To remove Shani Dosha
Burning the feathers of the Vulture on a Saturday are said to remove Shani Dosha, the malefic and harmful  effects of having a badly positioned Saturn in the horoscope or the ill effects of an adverse transit of Saturn, like the much feared Sadi-Sati. This remedy is also practiced to remove Gruha Klesh or Domestic strife and family fights and disputes; including husband-wife problems.

To destroy enemies
If the beak of a Vulture is thrown in the home of an enemy, it is said to destroy that enemy. This is an Aghori Tantra and should never be practiced in the public interest.

For self-protection
The nails of the feet of the Vulture are inserted inside a Silver locket and used as a protective Talisman to secure the practitioner from all kinds of dangers; including dangers from enemies.

For preventing family fights
If both the feet of a Vulture are tied with a black colored thread on the outside of the main door, they are said to prevent fights and disputes amongst family members inside the house.

For resolving debts
Keeping a bone of the Vulture is said to make it possible for the practitioner to resolve debt related issues.

For gaining money and wealth
Seven Siddha Vulture feather are kept inside a business premises to gain money; including sudden and unexpected monetary gains.

Vashikaran Totka to put a woman under a spell of attraction
The flesh of a Vulture is dried and then powdered; if this powder is sprinkled on, the head of a desired woman then that woman will come under the complete control and management of the practitioner of this Vashikaran Totka.

Notes- The intention of writing this article is not to harm the Vulture but to give rare information of certain Indian paranormal practices. The Tantric experiments mentioned in this article are practiced by experienced practitioners only and not by laypersons.

These Tantras are likely to work if the practitioner has reached a specific level in his Sadhana as the Tantras may be practiced along with a specific Mantra, which has been Mastered by the practitioner. Hence, I do not guarantee the success of any of the Tantra, which I have written about in this article.

The parts of the body of a Vulture are also used along with the body parts of other animals, plants and minerals in a large number of Tantric rituals practiced for varied paranormal purposes.

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