Powerful Shakti Bisa Yantra

The Yantra given in this post is a most powerful Shakti Bisa Yantra, which is also believed to be most effective in resolving all paranormal fear related problems relating to mystical, ghostly, unknown and unseen energies and entities by permanently exorcising them from the house. This Bhoot Pret Badha Nivaran Bisa Yantra is believed to be effective even if it is simple hung on a wall in the house.

The prescribed Yantra-Mantra Sadhana to make it most effective is to chant the Chamunda Mantra, which I have given at the bottom of the Bisa Yantra shown in the image for six months during the period 10 Pm to 2 Am at night.

Powerful Shakti Bisa Yantra with Chamunda Mantra
Powerful Shakti Bisa Yantra

After the conclusion of the six months Chamunda Mantra Sadhana, the Sadhak should draw the Bisa Yantra shown in the image with a  pointed twig of the Chameli[Jasmine plant]with the paste of Ashtagandha or Gorochana on a Bhojpatra and keep it in his Puja Place to derive immense benefits from the Bisa Yantra.

This Mantra Sadhana is for the advanced Shakti Sadhak and not suitable for the common person, who can use the Yantra by simply drawing it as mentioned above and hanging it on a wall in his house as stated earlier in this article.

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  1. Is that not that this mantra has a word OM in the beginning ?

    1. Om has not been included in this version of the Chamunda Mantra for this Yantra Experiment.

    2. Guruji, please tell us the difference between mangal beesa yantra and durga beesa yantra

  2. Sir can normal people just draw the yantra and keep it house, if yes then can this be drawn on paper

    1. Yes, normal people can draw the Yantra on white paper with red ink and keep it in the house.

  3. How does a normal person become an "advanced sadhak"

  4. i have three ques,,.. 1) if i draw this yantra on white paper with red pen and ruler is it okayy ,,,,,2)after drawing it on paper ,i have to offer incense,diya to energise or simply put it in my pocket,,3) i regularly chant chamunda mantra with om in start ,can i chant it with om in start everyday while keeping this yantra in my hand,

  5. I have drawn this yantra simply on a paper with ashtagandha paste and kept it on my room. Now i can feel its positive energy inside my whole house. Earlier i had unnecessary fear about some paranormal creature and negative vibes when inside my room. But after installing this yantra, miraculously everything seems normal. Thanks to the author of this site. Keep posting informations about such powerful yantras. Lots of thanks. Now i too believe in yantras.


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