Lal Kitab Remedies to Prevent Abortions and Miscarriages

The Lal Kitab features many simplistic remedies for most problems, including health problems and the Lal Kitab Totke described by me in this post are two of these simple remedies to prevent abortion and miscarriages. Those women who have given birth to still born babies or have had abortions can, if they so desire, practice any one of these two Lal Kitab remedies that is if they have faith and firm belief in such Indian Tantric Totke.

The First Remedy - The practitioner has to take a red colored thread, which is 1 inch longer than the height of the woman who has given birth to stillborn babies or has had repeated abortions. The red colored thread has to be tied around the Upper Arm of the woman as a protective Talisman.

After the Delivery, this red colored thread has to be removed from the Upper Arm of the woman and tied on the Wrist or Upper Arm of the newborn infant.

Then another red colored thread of the same length has to be tied around the Upper Arm of the woman.

Both the red colored threads have to be removed from the body of the woman and child after 11 months and immersed in any flowing water body like a river, canal or the sea. This completes the Totka for preventing abortions, miscarriages and stillbirths.

The Second Remedy -  The second Lal Kitab Totka prescribes that before the birth of the child Milk and Khandsari Sugar[a variety of  brownish color sugar produced in India] have to be taken in equal quantities in two vessels. The pregnant woman should be made to touch both these vessels with her hand and then both the vessels should be covered by tying a cloth over them and kept inside the house.

After the birth of the child, both the vessels should be donated to a Mandir or any other religious place.

Note – There are more than one variations of the same Lal Kitab remedies, the ones given in this post are the easiest to practice and hence described by me in this post.

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  1. Which hand thread to be tied right or left both for mother and child please clarify

    1. The right or working hand of the mother and the right hand of the child.

    2. guruji can we use white sugar in replacement of brown sugar


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