Freedom From Jail Yantra

The Freedom for Jail Yantra described by me in this post is another one of the rare Hindu Tantric Voodoo Spells, which is believed to set an imprisoned person free from jail. In the past, I have written about some similar Mantra and Tantra experiments for the benefit of imprisoned people and their loved ones, each experiment is different as a different Tantra is used to practice the Yantra or Mantra Experiment. The one described in this post has its own unique procedure, which, I feel is simpler and easier to practice than the earlier experiments for the same purpose.

The Yantra shown by me in the image has to be written on a Puri with Pure Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter of a Cow or Buffalo] using a pointed wooden stick. While writing the Yantra the word “Devdutta” appearing in the center should be replaced by the name of the imprisoned person.

Then this Puri, with the Yantra written upun it should be given to the jailed person to eat. That is all that this Tantra prescribes. There is no form of worship or Puja-Sadhana involved, other than the Tantra explained above in this post.

Puri is a kind of Indian bread prepared from Wheat Dough, Non-Indians who want to practice this Yantra Experiment to free a jailed person can use any flat bread made from Wheat Dough, if they are unable to get Puris.

Freedom From Jail Yantra in an Indian Voodoo Spell to free Jailed Person
Freedom From Jail Yantra

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  1. do you have to fry purr first then write on it or do you have to write it first then fry it?

    1. The Yantra should be drawn after frying the Puri.

  2. my son's shani is in 5th house [makkar] and manual is in 11th house and his rash is Karka please advice , my son always get in trouble with the law, right now he is in prison for past 5 months, we are so worried about him he is going back and forth in the prison, he is very smart boy, i don't know what is happening, he is always in trouble with the law, any remedy please advice, i am going so many prayers but nothing seems working. please help, tried doing everything, i was going to try this puri remedy but he is in prison we are not allowed to take anything, i have been doing one mantra too the one its on your site to free the prisoner, does not seem like its working please help.


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