Kali Siddhi Mantra to Become Invisible

This Kali Mantra Experiment is most dangerous and hence at the very outset, I will advise the inexperienced practitioners of Mantra Shastra and Aghori Tantra to stay away. This Kalka Siddhi Prayoga is believed to make the practitioner invisible to others and this is the reason why only the experienced Sadhak should attempt the Mantra Sadhana described in this post.

The entire Kalika Adrishya Siddhi Sadhana has to be performed for 41 days without taking a break in between. The Mantra Chanting has to be done in a Mandir of the Mother Goddess Mahakali Mata. Each day the Sadhaka should chant the Manta shown by me in the image 4,200 times after worshiping the Mahakali Murti in the temple.

After the completion of the 41 day Sadhana, the Sadhaka has to prepare Wicks of the of the Cotton of the following plants-
The Cotton Plant [Common Kapaas]
The Aak Plant, common name Sodoms Apple tree, botanical name being Calotropis.
The Shalmali Plant, commonly known as the Silk Cotton tree, the botanical name being Salmalia malabarica].
Silk Cotton [Substance from which Silk is prepared]

Then he has to take five Human Skulls [Aadmi Ki Khopdi] and put any Perfumed Oil in the Skulls and dip the Wicks in the Oil and then light them in the same way as you light an Oil Lamp [Diya]. When the Oil in the Skulls evaporates, the practitioner has to collect the leftover Black Soot [Kajal] from the Skulls and mix it together.

Then he has to chant the Kalika Mantra given here 4200 times in order to infuse the Kajal with the Mantra and finally apply the Kajal in his Eyes like Eyeliner.

Applying the Kajal in the Eyes is the final step of the Kali Mantra Sadhana, which is said to make the practitioner invisible to others.

I am unable to vouch for the effectiveness of this Invisibility Tantra, as I have not come across anyone who has tried and tested this Kali Mantra Prayoga.

Kali Siddhi Mantra to Become Invisible to others
Kali Siddhi Mantra to Become Invisible

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  1. Hi its very good post but do you have any other sadhana or mantra through which a person can become invisible. Which a common man can do without any much guidance?

  2. Any mantras for bringing out rain urgent need ?!

  3. One Mantra has been given here - https://www.prophet666.com/2016/03/hanuman-mehga-mantra-to-control-rains.html

  4. If this is a mantra to become invisible,is there any other to become visible again

    1. The Shabar Tantra has not said anything about this huge problem.


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