Special Qualities of Ganesha Idols

Ganesha is said to possess each and every quality and attribute in the Universe, which is why he is often identified with the Cosmic Vibration Aum. Hindu scriptures and folklore contain a lot of interesting information about Ganesha, and the information, which, I have written, in this post, on the specific qualities of Ganpati Murtis or idols may be great interest to devote Ganesh Bhakts.Ganesh Murtis are believed to possess certain strong properties or special paranormal qualities and attributes depending upon the type of material, which is used to prepare the Idol.

I have described eight kinds of Ganesha idols, which are made using different materials and what is believed to be gained from the worship of these Murtis.

For getting prosperity in trade and business- Sandalwood [Chandana]
For getting fame, success and popularity- Silver [Chandi]
For Santan Prapti or gaining progeny- Copper [Tamba]
For freedom from chronic diseases-Gold [Sona]
For matters related to land and property-Stone [Patthar]
For political success or gaining social power- Red Coral [Moonga]
For trouble free and long life- Sandalwood or Wood [Chandana or Lakdi]
For enemy problems and triumph over enemies- Clay or Wood- [Mitti or Lakdi]

If unable to afford purchasing a special Ganesh Murti, due to money constraints, wearing a small locket or ring of Ganesha is also believed to be helpful in resolving the specific problems. Ganesh Bhakts can also see the section on Ganesha Mantras for resolving their problems.

For seekers of the spiritual bliss and freedom from the unending life cycle of birth and death visualizing a Blue Colored Ganesha, while in meditation is believed to be helpful in getting success in their quest.

This is an update on the previous articles on Ganesh Murtis, that article can be seen - Here

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