Mantra Remedy for Loss of Appetite and Liver Fire

This Healing Mantra Remedy given in this post is simpler than the ones posed earlier for similar purposes. The Mantra remedy works for improving appetitive and for regulating Liver Heat/Fire and hence is suitable for persons who have Liver Disorders and has lost their appetite, given below in this post is the simple way to practice the remedy.

This Mantra Remedy uses the Annapurna Mantra given below to infuse a Green Cucumber [Hari Kheera/Kakdi]. The Annapurna Mantra has to be chanted after removing the outer skin of the Cucumber 32 times while holding the Cucumber in the right hand. Then the Cucumber should be sliced and Salt and a little bit of Lime Juice [Nimbu Ka Juice ] should be applied to the Slices of the Cucumber and then it should be given to the patient suffering from loss of appetite and or Liver Disorders to eat.

Om Annapoornaya Namah ||
ॐ अन्नपूर्णाय नमः ||

The same procedure of infusing a Green Cucumber should be followed everyday until the patient experiences relief.

Note- the Mantra Remedy is harmless, but it is not meant to be a replacement for any kind of medical treatment, it can be practiced along with the ongoing medical treatment.

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