Vashikaran By Rose Mantra

This is a very easy and simple to practice Vashikaran by Rose Mantra experiment. The Vashikaran experiment, if one goes by the wordings of this Mantra, probably has Islamic origins. I have in the past many years written about many of these Vashikaran Mantras, which have originated from the same Occult Tantra, which infuse a particular object and use it as a Voodoo Attraction Object to enchant a particular person or set of persons.

The Vashikaran Experiment as already mentioned in the opening paragraph is simple, as per the Tantra it does not have to be Mastered and hence it a Siddha Vashikaran Mantra.

The Vashikaran Experiment can be conducted on any day and the Rose has to be held in the right hand the Vashikaran Mantra/Nash/Ayat given below has to be chanted 31 times in order to infuse the Rose with the full power of the Vashikaran Mantra.

सूरये मुज्जम्मिल मए दरूद शरीफ अव्वल
Sooraye Mujjammil Maye Darud Sharif Avval

Then the Vashikaran Mantra infused Rose has to be given to the desired man or woman lover to smell. The smell of the Rose is said to enchant the desired lover, put a strong Voodoo Spell upon him or her, and make the person amicable towards the practitioner.

The Vashikaran Experiment can also be practiced on any other person like the boss, office colleague, family member or a business associate.

Attar [Perfume] can also be used in place of the Rose as an Vashikaran Object, in the same Vashikaran Experiment.

As always, it is better to mention that I have not tried and tested this Vashikaran Experiment and hence. I am not in a position to vouch for it effectiveness.

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  1. sir we have to.hold perfume bottle in right hand and chant mantra 31 times and then we have to give it to a person to smell .we can.use it as many times as possible .no need to take persons name while chanting

  2. Dear Sir,
    Could you please explain what is the exact procedure of using the attar by infusing it with the above mentioned mantra?

    1. The Mantra infused Attar Bottle or the Rose should be given to the desired lover to smell.

    2. If we apply mantra infused perfume on our body and meet the person on whom spell has to be casted . The person will automatically smell it. Will it work?

    3. You could try to see if that method works.

  3. Thanks for this mantra guruji, i will try this mantra experiment.. N let you know.. Bless guruji. Charan sparsh.. Jay shree raam


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