Prosperity Remedies Using Magical Herb

The Nirgundi Herb, a most powerful Tantric Herb has been written about in a lot of Mantra and Paranormal remedies, which have appeared on this site over the past many years. This Magical Herb, whose botanical name is Vitex negundo and known as Sambhalu in Hindi and Five-leaved chaste tree in English is believed to possess most powerful properties to attract positive and helpful vibrations.

In this post, I have described a couple of most simple ways in which this herb is used in Tantric Remedies for prosperity and abundance.

During the period of the Hasta Nakshatra or the constellation Delta Corvi, an epiphyte of the Nirgundi Plant has to be removed and kept in a container, which is used to store food grains. This Totka is believed to ensure that there is never any shortage of food grains in the household.

On a Wednesday, a very small sapling of the Nirgundi Plant should be uprooted, along with the root from the ground and along with some Yellow Mustard Seeds [Pili Sarson] and Nagkesar [Mesua ferrea] Seeds wrapper in cloth to prepare a small bundle. This bundle should be then hung, like a good luck Charm on the upper end of the outside of the Main Door of the shop or office to attract money, new business and prosperity into the business.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Is it fine if we buy Nirgundi plant from Nursery?

    1. As per the Tantra the Nirgundi has to be uprooted during the period specified in the article, if it is possible then you can uproot it in the Nursery.


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