Mantra to Make Skin Fair

The Hindu healing Tantra described by me in this post is a simple healing spell to infuse Haldi Powder [Turmeric Powder] with this Mantra and use it to make the skin and complexion fairer.  Turmeric is widely used in all sorts of skin related remedies and treatments to get a fair complexion, especially in India where people are color conscious mostly due to the inherent colonial mentality of looking up to the Gora Sahib or Memsahib.

Haldi Powder works better if mixed with Makki Ka Atta [ Corn Flour ] or Beasn[Gram Flour] hence Haldi and one of the two flours should be mixed in equal quantity along with a little bit of water or milk to prepare a paste. This paste should be infused with this healing Mantra by holding the vessel containing the Haldi-Ata paste in the right hand and chanting the Mantra once.

ॐ सं सां सिं सीं सुं सूं सों सौं सं सः |
वं वां विं वीं वे वूं वें मृ वो वं वः ||
Om Sam Saam Seem Sum Soom Som Soum Sam Sah |
Vam Vaam Vim Veem Ve Voom Vem Mru Vo Vam Vah ||

This Mantra infused Haldi paste is applied on the skin to make it fairer. The quantity of the Haldi and the Ata depends upon the amount of Haldi Paste needed for application on the skin.

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  1. Sir, any special day or for how many days.

    1. There is no special day for this Mantra Sadhana, you can continue the experiment until you get the desired results.

  2. sir i have eczema please give mantra for cure this decise

  3. Thank you guruji, i am using this mantra experiment last 3 days.. Very effective and works well. My skin looks fairer and glowing skin

  4. Dear Neel Sir have we to put haldi in a small amount with besan or just a pinch as haldi makes skin look yellowish if in equal amount with besan. Thankyou

    1. It will not make much difference if the two are in equal quantity as you should have a bath after it dries up.

  5. Dear Neel sir ... Do we have to wash face with warm or cold water for removing paste applied ... And is there any time frame how much time we have to keep paste applied.

    Thank you for giving valuable guidance to the whole world
    Readers please do share your experiences it may help further for betterment thanks again

    1. You can keep the Haldi paste on the face for a sufficient period of time or until it completely dries up,
      You can wash the face or have a bath with hot or cold water.

  6. Pranam Guruji,

    thanks for such a wonderful mantra.

    I face the hair-fall problem including my sister. so, pls provide this type of mantra prayog for prevention of hair-fall, and thick strong black hair regrowth.

    thanks alot

  7. im 25 having grey hair problem using lots of hair color n dye to hide my white hairs pls help me guruji

  8. guru ji I have listened one mantra for fair skin but I had side effects my skin turns more dark and I have got rashes on my whole body

  9. Hello sir i used this mantra for two days i was happy with the results but then my period came so i stopped can i continue in periodalso as it's a tantric mantra


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