23rd september 2015 Doomsday Prophecy Nostradamus

Lately since the 23rd September Doomsday prophecy has come into the limelight, I have been doing some research on Biblical prophecies and the Quatrains of Nostradamus if there are any indication of the possible end of the world on 23rd September 2015 or somewhere in that period. NASA has discounted the Comet/Asteroid hitting the earth theory by coming forward to say that such a possibility does not exist in the near future nor for the next few hindered years.

The Large Hadron Collider [CERN] being the cause of the possible Doomsday is doing the rounds as the Large Hadron Collider is stated to restart on September 23 2015; hence, it is natural for  it to be linked to the Doomsday possibility.  The “RAYPOZ” Quatrain is being linked to the Large Hadron Collider because of the Geneva connection. I do not find this interpretation to be anywhere convincing.

The closest Quatrain of Nostradamus, could in my opinion be the one, which, I had interpreted a few years back as the Quatrain descriptive of a MIRACLE taking place before the third world war[ symbolic of death and destruction]. There are also a few other Quatrains of Nostradamus descriptive of certain Supernatural/Mystical/Paranormal events stated to occur visibly before the end times. It is difficult to interpret these prophecies at the present moment of time.

The probability of the Large Hadron Collider making contact or enabling, entering in to or tuning in to the vibratory frequencies of Multiverses/Parallel Universes is not being discounted by many. This can be the only possibility for the possibility of Mystical/ Paranormal or Supernatural events occurring visibly on a Global scale.

Authentic Hindu scriptures, spiritualists and enlightened Yogis have time and again described the various Planes of Existence or the different Lokas. These spiritualists include among others Shri Yukteswar Giri, the Guru of Yogananda who describes the Seven Main Planes of Existence or the Astral Worlds.

If the Large Hadron Collider succeeds tuning in to the vibratory frequencies of the different Lokas one of the possibilities, which cannot be discounted is the probability of the floodgates opening for lower level entities of other Universes from causing disruptions or destruction on earth.

These events are most unlikely to occur on 23rd September 2015, but the possibility of free moment between the Astral Worlds/Multiverses/Parallel Universes is very real and cannot be ruled. Such Siddi [Mastery] of mentally entering Multiverses have been said to be gained by only the most advanced of Yogi and Spiritualists and what could be the end outcome [good or harmful] for ordinary humans cannot be predicted.

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