Ganesh Mantra and Puja for Manglik Dosha

The horoscope having Manglik Dosha is believed to be unfavorable for entering into partnerships including marriage partnerships. However, this astrological rule does not apply  necessarily, if both the partners have Mangal Dosha in their Kundali. In my opinion apart from being a hindrance for marriage, a Mangal afflicted horoscope is not as bad and harmful astrological Yoga as it is made out to be. People having Mangal Dosha are most likely to have a high energy level, courage, vitality and sex-drive; they could also have an aggressive and fiery temperament and will not be averse to risk taking.

The image of a Birth Chart with Manglik Dosha has been given in this post. Those persons having Mars in the houses as shown in the image are said to be having Mandal Dosha. In the past, I had written about certain Indian astrological remedies and some Totke from the Mystical book; the Lal Kitab. In this post, I will explain a most simple Ganesh Mantra Remedy for resolving this supposedly dreaded astrological combination.

Horoscope of a Mars Affected Person
Kundali of Manglik Dosha

Ganesha is the God of all beginnings and this includes the Navagraha [the nine Planets]. Hence, in my opinion the worship of Ganesha is extremely potent in resolving astrological issues, including that of a Manglik or Neech Mangal. The Ganesh Mantra given below is believed to be very useful in resolving the Manglik problem; it will give good results if it is chanted for a minimum of One Mala or 108 Mantra Repetitions per day.

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah ||
ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः ||

The Ganesh Mantra given above is a very famous, popular and much chanted Ganesh Mantra, by regular chanting this Mantra becomes Jagrut and gives very useful results in fulfilling material and spiritual need, including Kundalini Jagaran and spiritual progress.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    We have to check Kundali as per Lagna Kundali or Chandra Kundali as both are different?

    And sometimes though Kundali has Mangal based in any above shown houses, it does not show Mangal Dosha? Can you please tell me about this if possible?


    1. The Kundali given here is the Lagna Kundali, which has the Lagna or Ascendant in the first house marked 1 of the Kundali

  2. Dear Sir,
    If Mars is in 12th house in moon Kundali but though it is not showing Manglik because it is getting nullified with other planets Jupiters or Venus in ascendant in lagna chart than is it said to be Mangal Dosha?


  3. Dear Sir,
    Can you please also tell for marriage which Kundali is taken into consideration like Chandra Kundali, Lagna Kundali or Shukra Kundali? And what are this different Kundalis about?
    Is it considered bad for marriage if only one from above Kundali has Mangal Dosha?


    1. The Lagna Kundali is taken into consideration for most purposes, It is better for both to have Mangal.
      However, only a detailed study of the Kundali by a learned astrologer will tell you about marriage compatibility issues.


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