Interesting Remedy to Cure Piles

This site has posted numerous remedies, including astrological, paranormal, herbal, Mantra and Yantra Experiments over the past few years to cure and get relief from all kinds of Piles and anal fissures, including painful and bleeding hemorrhoids. The astrological remedy published in this article might appear somewhat funny and weird; nevertheless, I have still explained the procedure of practicing this remedy in this post as some people might find it helpful or even interesting.

Piles and anal fissures are as per traditional Hindu Astrology believed to be pre-dominantly influenced by the planet Jupiter, Guru Graha in Hindi. Hence, this remedy has to be performed during the Hora of Jupiter on a Thursday, which is the Weekly Day of Jupiter.

The remedy- Some Hair from the Head of a Man, Woman or a Monkey have to be taken and burnt and a Brand New Underwear has to be held over the Burning Hair, so that it absorbs the smoke emitting from the Burning Hair.

Wearing this Underwear is believed to give relief and cure any type of Piles, including bleeding and painful ones. This might sound strange, but that is what is written in the Astrological texts.

Note- If the patient experiences some relief, then he can repeat the remedy.

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