Magnetic healing is a well-known term all over the world. An operator of hypnosis or faith healing, absent or in person, should have first and foremost a Magnetic Personality, which can inspire confidence in the subject, and dispel all his doubts and insecurities. A robust radiant and healthy personality goes a long way in establishing a rapport with the subject. The resonant, affectionate, but firm words, which come forth from the lips of the healer help in inducing the state of SELF HYPNOSIS, in the subject.

Many cures are laid at the mesmerizers or magnetizers doorsteps. A Successful magnetizer is one who fully understands his powers, and so he uses his magnetism by manipulating the body of the subject so that the desired results quickly evidence themselves. With physical manipulation, occasional verbal suggestions are also used in magnetic methods of healing. The power of AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS is also well known, and great wonders have been achieved through it.

Jesus Christ healed many incurable diseases by the magic touch of his personal magnetism. For example in Galilee great crowds came to him for healing, and it is claimed that he cured the lame, the blind, the maimed, the dumb and many others, though it cannot be proved, there can be no smoke without fire, some of it should be definitely true. This is also true of most famed saints and famous god men who were said to display healing powers.

One can arrive at the conclusion that the magnetic personality of the healer or hypnotist acts as a trigger to effect changes in the physical and mental structure of the subject. The most vital quality the subject should possess is faith without which nothing is possible. Thus, success in healing is a combination of Magnetic personality of the healer and the faith of the subject.

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