Once you master the Once you master TECHNIQUE OF SELF HYPNOSIS, the use of auto suggestion can be used to make suggestions to the sub-conscious. The sub-conscious is the originator of all our good and bad habits, interests, repulsions, confidence, patience, perseverance, cheerfulness, memory, learning and all such traits and tendencies. Habits are simply other traits and tendencies.

Habits are simply the records in the brain of repeated acts or ideas. A habit can be formed and retained or removed and eradicated by suitably activating the sub-conscious in that particular direction.

The suggestions made to the sub-conscious must be in clear and precise terms, there should not be any vagueness about them. You must first of all be convinced about the reasonableness about the suggestion, which should be in clear and precise terms. You must feel the suggestion to be true, expect it to happen. Whatever the suggestion or idea is, hold fast long enough for it to sink into your sub-consciousness and become an actuality of your life.

Be brief, firm, and exact. Clear and reasonable in your suggestion, and repeat them in your conscious and walking state several times, so that they percolate and penetrate deep into your sub-conscious. The more you repeat them, the more they stimulate certain centers of your brain and then they become a permanent habit. The suggestions can also be in the form of well known quotations, which are universal in nature.

The reason why birds can fly and we cannot is simply that;
They have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.

That action is best which procures the,
Greatest happiness for the great numbers.

I shall improve and preserve my health,
Because it is my duty. I shall be, conscious,
That there is such a thing,
As physical mortality.

Self improvement
Day by day,
In every way,
I am getting,
Better and better.

Blessing on him that first created sleep.
Night by night, in every way,
I am getting sound sleep.
Well being and progress
I’ am the master of my fate,
The caption of the ship of my soul.

Blessed and I too have my work;
Day by day, I shall increase this,
Blessedness and enjoy it all the more.

To sum it all give yourself suggestions, which are right, full of health, happiness, confidence and well being of all, always be positive in your thing and avid negative and nasty thoughts.

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