The entire Universe is made up of vibrations, and amongst these vibrations, SUGGESTIONS are the most powerful vibrations on our planet. We are living in a world of Suggestions, right from conception through infancy, childhood, youth, adult life and old age our life is nothing but what is molded by Suggestions, which bombard us throughout our life.

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Power of Suggestion
Saint German has aptly defined Suggestion as “the temporary implanting of the will of one person on the brain of another by a purely mental process”. He further states to make his point, “A servant executing an order is acting under Suggestion; he obeys his desire to earn his wages. A man in love, complying with the wishes of his sweetheart submits to a will foreign to his own.

A professor teaching and repeating every day the same precepts to his pupils, imposes his will upon them. A father reproving his son for some error, strives to instill his own principles to obtain better conduct, a mother who coaxes her child tries by her caresses to attain the same result, a wife who by her numberless means of persuasion, manages her husband, implants her will in him.

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The orator, who captivates his audience, acts in the same way. Everything is but Suggestion in this world, at least in the old-fashioned acceptance of the word. No sleep is required for this kind of Suggestion’’.

It are these Suggestions, which ultimately shape our KARMA, one is therefore advised to be careful what kinds of suggestions he offers. We have to take extreme care in dealing with infants and children because we have to realize that we are molding their minds.

Suggestions in most of the cases is the imposition of will, one has to be careful in this regard. The power of Suggestion is marvellous, and miracles can be achieved through it. A whole new world will open up if we understand the power of Suggestions and how to implement them correctly.

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